Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Leaked O/L science paper

The confidentiality of the 2012 G.C.E. O/L examination seems to have been compromised as speculations concerning the possibility of an alleged leak of Science paper I, continue to circulate since Saturday (15).

The suspicions regarding the possible leak of Science paper I held on Saturday (15) arose due a model examination paper that had been distributed among a group of students at a private tuition class. According to concerned education sector officials, paper I of the model examination paper contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) that was extremely similar to several questions included in the actual Science paper I.

Ceylon Teachers Service Union (CTSU) General Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe speaking at a press briefing yesterday said, “Science paper I, which the candidates faced on Saturday contained a total of 19 questions that were extremely similar to the model paper distributed at this private tuition class. The similarities cannot be waived off as clever coincidences as they have been repeated word for word,” he said.

He also said although 17 questions out of the total of 19 questions that were repeated verbatim in the model paper are assumed to be smart speculations, the 38th and 40th questions are impossible to be thought so.  “The 38th and 40th questions have been added to gauge the general knowledge of the candidates and are not off the syllabus. How is it that this tutor has been able to guess the two general knowledge questions verbatim too?” he questioned.

Speaking further Mr. Jayasinghe said, “When we pointed out the loopholes concerning the examination procedures and its results, we were branded as liars. With this incident, the discretion of all three national examinations including the grade five scholarships, O/L and A/L examinations have been comprised. Who is to be held responsible for this situation?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, the Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) lodged an official complaint with the Examinations Department yesterday concerning suspicions of the alleged paper leak, taking the rumours far beyond the level of speculations.

“We urge the relevant authorities to conduct a fair and effective investigation into this incident,” CTU General Secretary Joseph Stalin added.

It was reported the private totur who distributed the model paper is Sampath aththatage. He is tutor around colombo and gamapaha distric.
There was a Smile face front of each repeated question. Samapath was a close associate of MP Duminda silva.

Original OL Paper

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