Thursday, January 10, 2013

Murder Of Kelaniya PS Member Hasitha Madawala

Kelaniya local body member Hasitha Madawala who led a campaign against Minister Mervyn Silva was most brutally killed falling victim to a gunman.

Prasanna Ranaweera, Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha (PS) and several others yesterday accused a certain government politician in the area as the person responsible for the killing of the PS member, Hasitha Madawala, on Saturday night.

Ranaweera and the other PS members were at the slain PS member, Madawala’s residence at Kelaniya yesterday, to pay their last respect.

He told  neither Madawala nor he or any other member of the Kelaniya PS had any enemies. “We had only supporters, well wishers and sympathizers.

Even those supporters in the opposition had no cause for anger or enmity with us. They were all friendly with us.
But our problems started only in 2012. Although matters came to a head, we did not complain against anybody to anyone,” he said.

He also said, “Madawala and all of us in the PS raised our vices against the corruption and anomalies that were taking place in the Kelaniya area at the behest of a government politician. That politician, who didn’t like this trend, got Madawala remanded on a trumped up charge. He tried to get us all remanded on various flimsy charges he concocted. In addition to Madawala, several of my colleagues in the PS, were remanded from time to time at the investigation of this person,” he alleged.

 “But in the name of justice and fair play in the Kelaniya area, we would keep on our fight against this political thief, ransom collector and mafia don,” he charged.

This is Balumgala Programme about Hasitha Madawala murder.


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