Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nearly 7,500 children abused in 2012

Around 7,418 children have been abused in 2012 alone, Child Development and Women's Affairs Minister Tissa Karaliyadda stated in Parliament yesterday (Nov. 25).

The majority of cases have been reported from Colombo, with the figure standing as 1,174.

Out of the entire figure, 3,800 cases are punishable under the penal code, the Minister stated.

The number of child workers discovered were 313, the 1054 required custody and protection while 944 did not receive a compulsory education, he added.

Noting that 1,307 children were victims of domestic violence last year, the minister added that the number of juvenile delinquency cases reported in the year is 196.

Noting that the total number of child abuse cases reported between 2009 - 2012 is a staggering 18,777, the minister said that according to figures from last year, the mothers of 322 such boys were found to be employed overseas. He added that the fathers of 35 such boys too, are employed overseas.

In the same year, mothers of 269 such girls were found to be employed overseas. He added that the fathers of 28 such girls too, are employed overseas.

The minister has said that the government was attempting to curb this situation by taking measures to prohibit Sri Lankans with underage children from travelling overseas for employment.

The Minister was responding to a question posed by UNP MP Rosy Senanayake who requested oral answers from the Government regarding the high incidence of child abuse in the island.

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