Friday, November 1, 2013

CIFL Deepthi coming back to SL

The main share holder and one time chairman of the crisis torn Central investment and finance plc (CIFL) Deepthi Perera is preparing to come to Sri Lanka in the oncoming days, reports say.

Deepthi Perera himself had revealed this to the media.

Pointing out that he has not fled the country by stranding the CIFL depositors, Me. Deepthi Perera has revealed that he is currently on vacation in Thailand with his Thai wife and child.

He has further said that he has a direct dealing with the customers of the CIFL.

He has also said that he had committed no fraud and that he has not held any administrative of directorial position in the company.

He accuses that due to the activities of the Central bank and websites which branded him as a con-man, he lost the opportunity of linking a foreign investor to the company.

He has also reveled that currently he does not possess any ownership in the CIFL.

He has said that although he signed a contract with the Rosco-Meloney faction to sell the shares of the ASPIC company which belonged to the CIFL for 600 Million Rupees, they have not yet given him the money according to the contract.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wijan Lanka Kiwlegedara who is eagerly waiting to invest in the CIFL, says that the actual value of the ASPIC is less than 600 Million Rupees.

Kiwlegedera is that is the current chairman of the Touchwood company.

Meanwhile it is also said that the CID is trying to find Mr. Deepthi Perera to record a statement.

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