Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gayesha Perera to contest Western PC polls from UPFA

Popular actress Gayesha Perera is to contest the upcoming Western Province Provincial Council polls under the UPFA ticket, internal party sources say.

In an interview with Gayesha has revealed that she would enter the politics arena.

Noting that she does not intend to join 'fake politics' of the the present lady representation in politics, Gayesha said that she would join a strong leader and take up the voices of suffering women.

'I am a person who accepts this country's leader completely. I have even spoke on stage in support of Army housing programmes. I am that kind of courageous actress. I will come forward to speak on behalf of women who have faced injustice,' she has said.

"However, in politics, I will deem neither MPs nor Ministers as good. For me, only the public will be good. I will take a decision on this regard very soon," she has added.

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