Friday, March 28, 2014

Diana talks about Hirunika's bikini

UNP candidate Diana Gamage has condemned the insulting criticisms on Hirunika Premachandra by certain persons.

She was commenting on an UNP candidate showing a picture of a bikini clad Hirunika Premachandra during a TV debate.

For a woman, indulging in fashion including wearing a bikini is not a disqualification to engage in politics. What matters is her political viewpoint and her political activism. If any criticisms are leveled, it should be based on these factors, she said.

However, usually all criticisms that follow a woman entering politics is based on either their dress or gender. They are attempted to be repressed by insults or running them down, she added
'During the initial days of this election campaigning, even election observers had urged not to provide a chance for sexual symbols. This is a democratic state where universal suffrage is assured. 

Therefore, I was constantly against mudslinging of the sort. I even met with the Election Commissioner on this regard, Ms. Diana further said.

Hirunika's Bikini Photos


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