Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dilshan secretly planning to take son abroad ?

Former captain of the Sri Lanka cricket team, Thilakaratne Dilshan has been charged of attempting to take the son from his first marriage abroad secretly.

The child's mother has lodged a complaint with the Thalangama police on this regard, reports say.
Thalangama police yesterday (06) has obtained a statement from Dilshan with regard to the complaint and Dilshan has said that he had taken the child to an eye specialist for a checkup.

Dilshan has added that he cannot respond to police complaints as he has cricket matches until the month of August.

However, the complaint cites that Dilshan has dressed the child in new clothes and taken him to the well known photographer Prasanna Hennayaka and taken several photographs depicting how happy the child is to be with him.

Dilshan is charged of taking these photographs with the intention of producing them before court or media if needed.

It is further alleged that despite being healthy, the child was taken to a doctor at Asiri Hospital in order to obtain visa to Australia.

Though Dilshan had agreed at divorce proceedings that the child be sent for once a week, he only sends for him once in 2-3 months, reports add.

Dilshan is currently wed to popular actress Manjula Thilini.

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