Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sexual bribes taken for telecasting teledrama - Nadeesha

The popular actress Nadeesha Hemamali has stated that there are occasions where they have to offer sexual bribes to telecast a teledrama.

Nadeesha who is standing in for the Southern provincial council election from Matara district under United National Party (UNP) ticket has made these comments in an interview to a weekend newspaper.

Stating that the prevailing political background is responsible for the particular issue she said “those who make meaningful creations do not use such means to make space for their creations. Only the Hollow creators tend to utilize such infamous means to telecast their creations" she said.

“These days we get to hear a lot of reports on sexual abuse and child abuse. In addition, we get to hear reports on victims of various means of violence. Furthermore, the girls who are newcomers to the field face incidents of harassment's. The reason behind all this is the mentality of those who inflict violence" she added.

Those who are under immense mental pressures are using violence against another as a mean of releasing that pressure, she says, adding that prevailing system is responsible for it.

"The prevailing system is a dictatorial government of which the power is gathered around one family. That is why all this is happening. If that particular pressure is eliminated these kind of crimes can be reduced, “she emphasized.

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