Friday, January 14, 2011

ARABIYA Music Video Making Photos

Daddy is popular young Band which leads by Gayan Perera... Sunil perera's son. After they releasing their first album MASSINA now they are ready to release their 2nd Album...

Daddy Band

01. Gayan Perera : Guitar and Vocals.
02. Viresh Cooray : Guitar and Vocals.
03. Nimantha Kaluarachchi : Piano and Vocals.
04. Shamila Siriwardhana : Drums and Vocals.
05. Dilan Hettiarachchi : Bass Guitar

Gayan ::  Hey Guys our second album "ARABIYA" is finally out.. pheww! :)
please do listen to it and let us know what you'll think..
any sort of feedback is always welcome. Thanks a lot to all our fans who've stuck by us for the past few years, it really does mean the world to us..
A video for "ARABIYA" is on its way and should be... out soon hopefully:)

Cheers everyone:)

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