Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anjela Seneviratne loses embassy job over hashish parcel

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Colombo has sacked its employee and senior actress Anjela Seneviratne, to whom a parcel of hashish had been addressed.

However, it has now bee established that two British youths had themselves sent the parcel of drug from New Delhi, India to her name, in order for them to collect it here.

Mrs. Seneviratne said she was sorry that she had lost her job yesterday (Apr. 23) following the false accusations levelled against her over the incident.

One of the British youths has been arrested while the other has fled.
The duo had gone to New Delhi, concealed 366 grams of heroin inside a magazine and sent it to No: 67, Hudson Road, Kollupitiya, where Mrs. Seneviratne was a tenant around 10 years ago.

After the Central Mail Exchange received the parcel, they had produced a letter, purportedly by the senior actress, giving them authority to collect the parcel.

The police narcotics bureau has recorded a statement from Mrs. Seneviratne.

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  1. Get your stupid facts right. It was hashish not heroin you fools.


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