Sunday, April 15, 2012

Piyumi Purasinghe's Engagement photos

Actress Piyumi Purasinghe who claimed the hearts of teledrama fans through her performances in Nilanjana and Bonda Meedum engaged on March 24 at the Galadari Hotel.

She engaged to a guy named Remy Rajlal, who is a close associate of a minister who crossed over to the government from the UNP.

The duo had met through a friend of Piyumi’s.
Though their love story is not new, it was kept under wraps even from Piyumi’s closest friends, reports say.

Also Anarkali’s sudden exit from Thishuladeepa Thambawita’s ‘Adariye’ teledrama, her role has been given to Piyumi.
In addition to her work in Adariye, Piyumi is also going for shooting of ‘Adare Ahasa Tharam.’

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Piyumi with Boy friend
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Piyumi Purasinghe Wedding Photos


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