Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nadeesha Hemamali's new love... Mohammed

A fresh romance has began to blossom for popular actress and producer Nadeesha Hemamali.

The gent, who is apparently a bigwig of Siyatha, is a married man and a father of two. According to buzz, he has apparently promised to marry Nadeesha after divorcing his wife. We learned he is muslim called Mohammed Yaseen.

He is also a frequent visitor at the Liyanage Mw, Pelawatta, where Nadeesha is currently residing.

Speaking to media recently, Nadeesha had admitted that she is a lover but has kept details under wraps.

Nadeesha, who rose to fame through her double act in her maiden production 'Athkanda lihini' also portrayed a role in the R.V. Udayakumar's Thelingu film 'Mister Rascal'.

She also has production house and advertising agency named Reel and Track.


  1. the Name is Ajaz shafeek not yaseen

  2. Ajaz Shaffek, Mohamed Yaseen...why are married muslim men sleeping with this actress? Isnt adultery against the islam religion? Or does the rule only apply to muslim women? lol.

    1. Remember ... Men can marry 7 ;)


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