Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ceylinco Miss VIP contest suspended

Following irregularities reported about the last Ceylinco Miss VIP contest the contest for the year 2013 has been suspended.

In the last Ceylinco Miss VIP contest held at the Galadhari Hotel Mrs. Tharuka Vanniaratchi was selected as the Ceylinco Miss VIP. Iranki Asanki won the second place while Rukshani Rashmi Prabha became third.

Tharuka is a popular television drama actress. Internal sources of the Ceylinco Institution reveal that she has come forwarded for the contest following a promise given the Chiefs of the institution that she will be made first in the contest. She contested from the Kiribathgoda Makola area and she is reported to have had close connections with the Chiefs of the Ceylinco Institution.

Similarly Irosha who had been selected for the second place has also had close connections with the Chiefs of the Ceylinco Institution. It has now become an open secret that she was brought to and taken back after the training held at Galadhari Hotel from 18th to 21st last month by the Chiefs of the Ceylinco Institution.

We have disclosed earlier about Rashmi Prabha who became third. We also revealed earlier that Sudusinghe Aratchige Rukshani Rashmi Prabha who became first from the North central province in the first round of contests held in provincial level was also a contestant who provided wrong information.

She has come for the North Central province contest as a resident of Anuradhapura. However her true residential address is No. 764 Romeal Mawatha, Panagodala, Homagama. She has taken the identify card relating to the Anuradhapura only two days before the final contest, i.e. on the 16th October.

This also has been taken under the one day service. She has obtained this identity card by making a complaint at the Anuradhapura Police station on 11th August saying that her original identity card has been lost. before her police complaint she has obtained a certificate from 318 Division Grama Niladhari saying that she is a resident of that division. However in the resident certificate her father's address has been shown as No. 764, Romeal Mawatha, Panagoda, Homagama. It is also stated by the Grama Niladhari that he knows her for a period of two months. The Ceylinco Institution has provided Rashmi Rs. One Million for becoming the winner of the North Central Province Miss.VIP of Ceylinco.

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