Friday, February 15, 2013

Model Krishani Alanki is leaving the country

It is reported that the actress and the model Krishani Alanki is getting ready to leave the country. It is stated that she is leaving the country to acquire higher education.

It is reported that she has made all arrangements by now to leave for England and she is going there for further studies in Law.

Krishani became popular as Anjali in “Ahas Gawwa” and she first entered the field as a model for commercial advertisements. Later she became admired by the spectators by contributing performance for the song “Surangana Kirillee” sung by Iraj Wijeratne. Krishani who was educated at the International School in Colombo also became popular due to her role “Nushara” in the tele drama “Dedahak Adaren” screened over the “Sirasa” TV. She also played the leading role in the film “Adaraye Namayen” by enliving the character “Duleeka”.

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  1. Good luck Krishani. You are one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in SriLanka along with Ruwangi Rathnayaka and Maheshi Madushanka. It is nice to see someone from our film industry doing something constructive to further their careers. We had enough of divorces, prostitution, fights,, innocent children and OUR MINISTERS. I was educated in the UK and I have never turned back since. Good Luck.


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