Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wijaya's 25th commemoration today

The 25th commemoration of Wijaya Kumaratunge who was a popular artiste, a singer and a humane politician falls today (16).

In connection with Wijaya's demise a pinkam ceremony and a commemoration function will be held today under the patronage of the former President Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunge near the Wijaya Kumaratnge monument at the 18th Mile Post in Seeduwa which is the birth place of Wijaya Kumaratunge.

This function has been organized by the Wijaya Kumaratunge commemoration committee. The function will be attended by Minister of Postal Services Mr. Jeevan Kumaratunge, Minister of Social Services Mr. Felix Perera and several other politicians, artistes and the family members and relations of Mr. Wijaya Kumaratunge In addition to this a photographic exhibition in connection with Wijaya Kumaratunge commemoration will be held that Aesthetic Institute of the Western Province.

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