Friday, February 22, 2013

Prabhakaran’s son not captured live - Sarath Fonseka

‘During the war, no son of Prabhakaran was captured by the troops alive, says former Army Commander and leader of the Democatic Party, Mr. Sarth Fonseka.

In the final battle, attention was focused on identifying 450 dead bodies and for this purpose former leader of the LTTE Karuna Amman alias the present Deputy Minister Mr. Vinayagamorthy Muralidharan was present.

Mr. Fonseka was expressing his view regarding the controversy created by the Channel 4 depiction of various photographs. Amongst the dead bodies, Prabhakaran’s youngest son, Balachandran ‘s body was not there and only the bodies of Prabhakarans and his eledest son, Charles Anthony was identified. However, the fate of Prabhakarans’ wife , Madhavati, daughter Duwaraka or youngest son Balachandran was not known.

It was not n whether they had fled to another country and there was no information at all. The allegations of various media to accuse the Sri Lankan army of killing Prabhakaran’s youngest son is totally false, and if he was captured alive by the army , he would have been safe, Mr Fonseka said.

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