Monday, December 30, 2013

Himali's wishes of motherhood

Popular dance artiste and actress Himali Siriwardena says that she will look forward to become a mother after her busy life tones down a bit around mid 2014.

Noting that Jan.20, 2014 would mark the sixth year of her wedded life, Himali says that she is leading a happy and peaceful wedded life.

Himali also says that her performance activities are done well due to the support extended by her husband.

She also says that the name actress is not always well received in Sri Lanka. 'One reason behind my success in the field of Arts is my husband's understanding of myself and my work,' she adds.
She also says that her role in the teledrama 'Swarnapali', which will be telecast in Derana TV soon would be a milestone in her career.

Himali also plays a role in the film 'Raja Horu', which is screened in theatres these days.

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