Saturday, December 28, 2013

I came to change the system – Nadeesha

Actress Nadeesha Hemamali says she has entered politics with the intention of changing the system.
Foremost among my intentions will be the abolition of the executive presidency which is with dictatorial powers.

Nadeesha says she had chosen the UNP as that party’s political approach and policies were similar to those of her own.

We should respect every profession. If honestly done, politics is a great service. In the postmodern society we live in today, people prefer a popular culture and popular persons. That may be wrong because people favour the appearances, not the essence. We have a responsibility to highlight the essence, or else appearances will underline the essence, she says.

Nadeesha goes onto say from her experience in acting that taken subjectively, it is important to study both politics and arts, which is not the case at present.

The latest actress-politician says she had rejected, based on her policies, offers from the top persons in the government to join the UPFA.

She asks the people to place their trust in her, as she has a faith in the southern voters and the vote base there.

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  1. ya meya naki minissunge data galawala dan enawa chande illana... lol munta chade dena kattiya issarawela gahanna ona


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