Sunday, February 16, 2014

Duminda Silva faced Water bottle attack

The residents in the Wanathamulla housing scheme staged a protest at Baseline road today (15) against the abduction of an individual by a group of people that arrived in a white van.

The abducted individual has been identified as Samaraweera Sunil, a resident of Wanathamulla housing scheme and a father of five.

The residents of Wanathamulla who gathered to Dematagoda railway ground commenced the protest this afternoon demanding the authorities to find him and bring him back alive.

The protesters alleged that Samaraweera Sunil was abducted in connection to the dismantling of their residences and removing them.

The Police Special Task Force was deployed in the Baseline road and even though the protesters dispersed STF officer remained in the location.

Attorney-at-law Sunila Watagala who is appearing on behalf of the residents regarding the dismantling of Wanathamulla housing scheme was also seen at the location.

He stated that security officials, who visited the area on the day before yesterday have met Sunil.

The protesters vowed that they will not stop the protest until Sunil was handed back to them.
DIG Anura Senanayake also visited the location and there was a discussion on returning the abducted individual within 45 minutes.

The protesters blocked the road again around 4.00 pm and dispersed after a while.

Meanwhile, the media reported that the abducted individual was released short while ago.

MP Duminda Silva was there to talk to protesters but they refused him and shouted " ADO KUDDA ".  Duminda Silva faced Water bottle attack as well and then he ran away with body guards.

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