Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goverment trying to ban Facebook - UNP

United National Party (UNP) parliamentarian Harin Fernando today charged that the Government fearing an anti-government uprising by the people was planning to ban Facebook using as an excuse a few controversial incidents that happened among the youth recently.

“The Government is planning to ban the Facebook social media network saying it is detrimental to the country because it is disadvantageous to the Government. Even the Arab Spring began through the Facebook. We are totally against this move. It is only two or three countries in the world that have banned Facebook. If we do this, we will be cornered internationally as a country that has deprived itspeople of their right to information,” Mr. Fernando said.

He said if the Government was unable to tackle its battle in Geneva; it should waste no time in resigning from office.

“The UNP is asking this Government to go if it is unable to tackle this international issue. It is sad to see the three ‘Cs’ -- Crime, Corruption and the soaring Cost of Living plaguing this country,” Mr. Fernando said.

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