Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dilani's with her daughter Kaveesha

The daughter of actress Dilani Abeywardana and the singer Saman Pushpawarna has grown into a beautiful young lady.

It has been over 20 years since the couple migrated to the US with their children.

Dilani is currently serving as a beauty culture adviser in Staten Island of New York City.

She stepped foot into cinema in 1986 playing a role in Ananda Wickremasinghe's film 'Satana' which was followed by a long list of films including 'Kelimadala', ' Sayanaye Sihinaya', ' Sanda Madala', 'Seyilama', 'Thunweni Ehe', ' Bithu Sithuwam', ' Indrakeelaya' and ' Seethala Gini Kadu'.

She, who has been felicitated with several awards, first received a Sarasaviya award for the best upcoming actress in 1989.

She received a Sarasaviya award for her character in the film ' Sayanaye Sihinaya' in 1993 and for her brilliant performance in the film 'Bithu Sithuwam’ she was felicitated with the Sarasavi award for best actress.

She also won a Sarasaviya merit award for her acting in the film ' Seethala Gini Kadu' in 2003.
She made a start in stage drama through ' Guwan Karanam' and 'Ukussa' and she contributed to several tele dramas including ' Charitha Thunak', ' Sakisanda Eliyas', 'Senuri', ' Sakisanda Pabilis' and ' Uthurukuru Satana'.

The veteran actress was felicitated with variety of awards including Sarasaviya, Critique and Unda.
Below find few recent snapshots of Dilani's daughter Kaveesha.

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