Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wanatha Sunil talks about Abduction

Samaradheera Sunil, who was recently abducted, has questioned if Mr. Gotabaya is the director of the drama of his abduction.

He raised the particular question at a media conference held to brief the media regarding his abduction at the community hall at the 45th ‘Waththa’ in Wanathamulla area yesterday (17).

At the media conference Samaradheera Sunil described the incident and said that a verbal exchange occurred between him and Defence Minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa regarding the forceful sending of him from his comfortable two storey house into houses similar to chicken coops.

Samaradheera Sunil added that he did so as Gotabaya requested a meeting with him.

At the permission of the defence secretary, I said what I intended to say his face, Samaradheera Sunil further said.

Later on he was kidnapped by a jeep similar to a Pajero and was taken to a certain place after one and half hour's journey blindfolded and limbs tied with a chain, he said.

Noting that one of the kidnappers received a phone call while he was being questioned, Sunil said that soon after the call, he was released in the Biyagama area. 

He also revealed that, the kidnappers who questioned him of his birthday asked him to mark today as his birthday.

Convener of the Organization to protect homes at Wanathamulla -Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watgala was also present at the event. 

Speaking, he said the Urban Development Authority is arbitrarily attempting to eject residents from their homes and herd them into a housing complex that has been constructed without any standards.

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