Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boyfriend raped under aged girlfriend

Dankotuwa police say that investigations have started to arrest a suspect who has been accused of abducting a 15 year old girl and raping her.

The victim of this crime is a schoolgirl from Sandalankawa.

Her mother has gone abroad after divorcing her father and after that she had been living under the care of her grand mother and father.

This girl who was studying in Grade 10 had suddenly disappeared on the 7th July.
And the grand mother had complained about this to the Dankotuwa police.

Meanwhile the disappeared girl has suddenly come to the house again.
She has said that she eloped with a person with whom she had a love affair and he had taken to a house in Piliyandala where they had lived like a married couple.
Accordingly, the grand mother has complained to the police again that her grand daughter has been raped.

The suspect has not been arrested yet.
Dankotuwa police holds further investigation.

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