Monday, August 19, 2013

Dulika says Court talks are false

Dulika Marapana says that there is no truth in the news which is going on that she has been entangled in a Court case in Colombo district Court filed against her by the Presidential scholarship fund.

She has told a weekend newspaper that in 2005 she got a scholarship the presidential fund to study acting further and that she had gone abroad with it.

However she said that she had to come back to Sri Lanka as her mother was suddenly ill. She also has said that her parents are legally separated.

She has said as her mother had a problem with her bones and even a transplant was not possible with the mother's age, a lot of money had to be spent for her treatments.

She has said that she has informed the relevant authorities about her situation and that she is going back to finish her course as soon as things get better.

Further, she has said that she know nothing of the things which had been published and that there is no Court case against her.

She has said that if there is a problem, she is even ready to pay the scholarship money back in instalments.

She says that she could not make a quick response to this news as she had been ill herself those days.
She says that one day she could not speak at all due to her long term illness in the throat.

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