Sunday, August 4, 2013

Menaka sacked from 2 tele dramas

Famous actress and model Menaka Peiris has revealed to the media that she has been removed from 2 tele dramas without even informing her.

She has stated that although she had been selected for the roles in these dramas, later new actresses have been taken in without even letting her know.

She has said that she only got to know about it when the shooting was going on.

However, she denies the rumour going on that she has disputes with the production unit of the said drama.

Menaka, who is now engaged in shooting of the "Sidambaram" tele drama in Deraniyagala, says that she has no time to think of a boyfriend.

However, she also denies that she has a relationship with a politician.

Meanwhile, it is said that Menaka's mother is seeking a suitable husband for her.

She completes 23 years on this 23rd.

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