Friday, August 30, 2013

Police to investigate on CIFL money fraud

It is reported that the Colombo Fraud investigation unit has started investigations about the massive financial misdeeds of Central Investment Finance Limited (CIFL) company.

These inquiries have kicked in after complaints were lodged by 30 CIFL customers who deposited money in the company. It is said that that they have all deposited money in the range of 50,30,20,10 Lakhs etc.

The board of directors of the company have already been summoned for questioning.
However, they had told that the real director board had gone abroad.

It is said that al though depositors are laying siege around the company building demanding their deposit money, there is no responsible officer to respond to them.

It is said that even the employees are now evading the customers.

Some customers have even taken legal action against the CIFL.

This situation has been informed by the customers to the Central Bank as well, as this is a registered finance company in the CB.

Police Colombo fraud investigation unit is conducting further investigations regarding the matter.

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