Friday, August 16, 2013

Schoolgirl blackmailed and raped

Police have arrested a youth who is suspected to have raped a schoolgirl in a famous school in Gampaha by threatening her that he will publish her naked photos.

The victim is a girl who is currently studying in the advanced level classes.

After befriending with the girl through telephone, the culprit has cheated the girl to come with him to a hotel room by cutting classes, where she has been abused initially.

And then the suspect has threatened the girl about the photos and had raped her in several occasions.
However, after the girl had revealed this to her mother, the mother had lodged a complaint in the police women and children division.

At the time the complaint was being recorded, the culprit has given her a call to meet him then the police have gone their and have arrested the foolish youth.

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