Sunday, October 13, 2013

9 arrested over ‘Serene Pavilions’ abduction

Nine individuals have been arrested over the abduction of CEO of Wadduwa "Serene Pavilions" hotel, reports say.

The arrests were made yesterday (11).

Initial reports cited that the CEO of the "Serene Pavilions" hotel - Anura Lokuhetty was abducted by a group that had come in a "white van" and had later abandoned him near Bandaragama area.

Reports further say that an assaulted Mr. Lokuhetty has been hospitalized due to injuries, and that the white van said to have been used in the abduction, is currently under Police custody.

According to reports, the reason behind this abduction is said to be a dispute that had broken out between Mr. Lokuhetty and the other members of the Director Board: Jit Warnakulasuriya, Sumith Guruge, and Sir Clive Leech.

Speaking over the matter, Mr. Warnakulasuriya said that due to various misdeeds and irregularities, the rest of the Director Board who owns 70% of the shares in the company had decided to remove Mr. Lokuhetty from his post of CEO and also from the membership of the Director Board.

He also said that even a court order has backed this decision.

The rest of the Director Board has decided to transfer the management of the "Serene Pavilions" villa to the Citrus Leisure Group, Mr. Warnakulasuriya said.

Speaking further, he said that had gone to the hotel yesterday morning (11) along with Mr. Guruge, few members of the Citrus hotel group and several security officers to brief the staff about the management change.

However, while on his way back to Colombo he learnt that several persons including Citrus employees have been arrested by the Police.

Mr. Dilith Jayaweera of the Triad Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. and Ms. Waruni Fernando, the daughter of Minister Sarath Amunugama, are also acting as members of the Director Board of the Citrus Leisure Group.

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