Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jacqueline wants to be a mother

Sri Lankan beauty queen and rising Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez has splashed headlines again and this time over a 'baby' issue.

The baby issue has come to limelight during an interview with Times of India. Speaking her mind, Jackie has revealed that though she does have doubts in the institution of marriage, she definitely wants to have kids.

"Marriage or no marriage, I am definitely having babies" she has said.
Jackie, who is born to a Sri Lankan father and a Malaysian mother has also spoken on how was it growing up in a multiethnic household.

"It helped me understand different cultures and more importantly how they can beautifully co-exist under one roof," she has said. I love exploring different languages and cultures and that is why I feel very comfortable in India, which is a splendid collage of diverse ethnicity," she has added.

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