Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love Sumana - Sumanz Gomez online

Sumana Gomes, an actress who came under the limelight through a wave of adult movies in the 80’s, has launched a website containing her photographs and movies.

The website has been named as www.lovesumana.com.

Stating that there is a high demand from her fans for her pictures, Sumana says that now they are available in her website.

Apart from that, through the website, preparations are now being made to deliver online tuition lessons for young girls on how to maintain their beauty without the help of a makeup artist, she says.
Sumana has told media that she had started that way before launching the website.

She says that she gave instructions to her fans through YouTube on how to do beauty culture and says that it has been watched by 2,147 viewers.

Sumana returned to Sri Lanka last December after 11 years since she had decided to stay in United States of America when she went there to perform in "Cheerio Sergeant" stage drama.

It is said that later she had worked as an attendant in US.

Currently she is married to an Italian national named Gregory Toriello who is the head chef of the Belisimen hospital in Staten Island, New York.

However, Sumana had also appeared in 2 TV commercials during her stay in US.

Born in Dehiwala, having studied at Karagampitiya Buddhist School, Sumana kept the stepping stone of her career as a dancer in star class hotels.

Sumana has contributed to 30 films, 4 teledramas, and nearly 100 stage dramas as an actress.

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