Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shalini Tharaka's first love

Popular actress, model, dance artiste and Sirasa Kumariya - Shalini Tharaka Wijebandara has revealed of her first love.

She has talked of him during an interview with a art newspaper.

Though she had not mentioned his name, Shalini has revealed that he is married now.
However, he still talks to her over the phone, she has revealed.

According to Shalini, the duo had met during a church festival just after the guy had completed his A/Ls. Shalani has just been a grade 10 student at that time.

Noting that she had performed a dance at the event, Shalini recalls that it was her friends who had spotted a cute guy and smiled with him.

'I'm not the the type to take notice of anyone. It's not because of my pride. It's just the way I am. I don't even smile back at strangers. Later, he told me that I stood out because of that factor. He had given his phone number to my friends asking it to be given it to me. At first, we talked to him as a manner of a joke. But after a couple of months, we became good friends.

Later, we let our parents know and he also talked with my mother, Shalini has said.
However, I have never declared that I love him, Shalini has added.

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