Friday, November 25, 2011

100 homes damaged and 7 deaths reported so far due to strong winds

Around 100 houses have been damaged due to the strong winds which affected the Galle District earlier today. Additional Secretary of the District, Bandula Harischandra said that three persons were wounded from accidents related to the weather condition.

He said that many structures including the Galle District Secretariat and the main bus depot were damaged from the winds.

Meanwhile damages to houses in the Matara District, which was also adversely affected by strong winds, are yet to be assessed according to the Disaster Coordinator of the district. He however noted that several school buildings in the district were damaged in early hours today (25).

He said that roads which were obstructed due to fallen trees are presently being cleared.

Seven deaths have been reported so far from the Matara District due to adverse weather conditions, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) said.

Disaster Coordinator of the Matara District H.W.E. Balasuriya earlier said that several school buildings in the district were damaged from strong winds today (25) while the damage to houses is yet to be assessed.

Certain parts of the district are still experiencing strong winds, he said adding that obstructed roads are being cleared.

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