Saturday, November 26, 2011

Murder of Ragama Loku Seeya

Police are conducting extensive investigations into the abduction and murder of the caretaker of a Devale in Ragama.

The body of Mohamed Sally Niyaz alias ‘Loku Seeya’ was found at Akkarapattu beach a few days ago.

Police said he had been tortured, strangled, the body wrapped with polythene and bound with barbed wire and dumped into the sea.

Relatives identified the body on November 24 and it was due to be brought to his Ragama home yesterday.

The Devale caretaker was abducted by armed men on October 27 at Wattala.
At the time, he had been wearing jewelry worth around Rs. 30 million.

There is speculation that he and his son, nicknamed ‘Podi Seeya’ had engaged in unlawful activities along with several area politicians.

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