Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ragama Loku Seeya kidnapped

It has been reported that out of the three well known characters in Ragama area  known as Loku  seeya, Podi seeya and Chuti seeya , Loku seeya has been kidnapped by some persons who come in a white colour van.

The victim’s daughter, Himaya Niyaz, said, My father was traveling in his vehicle from his kovil at Ragama to Kerawalapitiya in Hendala when the suspects, numbering around six or seven came in a vehicle, blocked his path and took him away at gunpoint.

Himaya said a bowser driver had seen the abduction and he, too, had been threatened by the gang when he tried to confront them.

The victims is popularly known as Loku Seeya and his son as Podi Seeya.

Himaya said she did not why her father had been abducted.

The said three sums are keeping up a famous devalaya and thousands of devotees visit the said devalaya.

A private radio channel continuously mentioned that they had been involved in frauds pretending to have a devalaya there. Some suspect That he has been involved in the drug business and this has something to do with it.

According to sources minister Mervin Silva is working hard an extra attention to find Loku seeya.

Recent Balumgala Programe  about Ragama Devalaya

UPDATED :: Body of Loku Seeya Found ???

Dilith Jayaweera sends letter of demand to TNL

Managing director of Triad Pvt. Ltd. Dilith Jayaweera has sent a letter of demand to TNL and Isira, demanding a Rs. 500 million compensation.

In the LoD sent yesterday (Oct. 28), the sender claims the two television and radio channels had carried false and incorrect news regarding him.

Also on the same day, TNL chairman Shan Wickremesinghe sent a letter to foreign diplomatic missions in Colombo and the IGP, saying he has received death threats after exposing links among the stock market, illegal drugs and several murders.
The Colombo Crime Division obtained a statement following the complaint.

In a talk show, TNL had quoted newspaper reports as having said the stock market had collapsed while there were no illegal drugs in the market.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bharatha killing.. drugs and CSE linked ??

The TNL has noted 'a link between the illegal drugs market and the stock exchange'

There seems to be a link between Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), illegal drugs and the recent murder of a presidential advisor, says the owner of a private media network.

Shan Wickramsinghe, the owner of the TNL media network has told BBC Sandeshaya that he received death threats after his network discussed the alleged link in a talk show.

The link was “exposed” after the killing of presidential advisor on trade unions, Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra allegedly by the supporters of Duminda Silva, MP.

Media reports said there has been a short supply of drugs after the incident in which Duminda Silva also received serious head injuries.

“Reports said the stock market had collapsed while there was no illegal drugs in the market,” Mr Wickramasinghe explained.

'Secret talks'

“When we were exploring this, we noted that there was a link between the illegal drug market and the stock exchange,” he added.

'Duminda Silva, his brother Reno Silva, Waruni Amunugama, and Dilith Jayaweera share a suite in Intercontinental Hotel'

The head of the private media network says they investigated how the CSE, which is hailed by the government as the best in Asia, suddenly falls due to short supply of illegal drugs such as heroin.

“We found out that Duminda Silva, his brother Reno Silva, Waruni Amunugama, and Dilith Jayaweera share a suite in Intercontinental Hotel in Colombo and I revealed what they recently discussed in that suite,” said Mr Wickramasinghe.

While Ms Amunugama and Mr Jayaweera are co-owners of the Ada Derana network, Reno Silva is the owner of ABC media network.

After the revelation, says the TNL owner, senior officials at the TNL have received threats over the phone.

“In a separate call, Waruni Amunugama has told my daughter that I will not be allowed to see the day light again,” said Mr Wickramasinghe.

The TNL owner, who has lodged a complaint with the police regarding the death threats, has sent a copy of the complaint to the foreign embassies.

There was no immediate response from the government for the allegations made.


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gayesha Perera's Birthday Party photos

Gayesha Lakmali Perera is a leading popular ‘Multi Faceted artist  in Sri Lanka’, who has excelled in numerous fields in arts.

She rose to fame after winning the prestigious Miss Sri Lanka crown in the year 2006 and then having participated in the Miss International contest in the same year representing Sri Lanka. She entered the Tele drama field after her return to Sri Lanka as an actress since then by acting in her first Tele drama ‘Nim Wallala’ a production of Kristi Shelton Fernando/Bennet Ratnayake.

Gayesha represented Sri Lanka in the Miss ‘TOURISM’ Queen International contest in the year 2009 held in the Wuhan city in China. In this contest she was  crowned the winner of Miss ’TALENT’, bringing laurels ,mark of honour and pride to Sri Lanka, which was until then our country was lesser known to many people in the world. Gayesha made history as the most recent beauty queen to capture a mini title for her motherland.

Gayesha's 24th Birthday party was celebrated in a grand way last week at JAIC Colombo Residencies.
A number of artists and a number of politicians were invited and attended the grand birthday party.

 A collection of photographs taken at the party are shown below

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