Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm not entering politics - Nilmini Tennakoon

Popular actress Nilmini Tennakoon says media reports claiming that she was planning to enter politics were baseless and and completely untrue.

Speaking to 'Lakbima' newspaper, she has said, "I recently took up a teledrama role carrying a political theme. It was a political role. During an interview with a newspaper, the journalist involved has misunderstood what I said on this matter. I think this was the reason behind this rumour."

However, I have no intention of entering politics or taking up a MP portfolio in real life. Also, I detest the prevailing form of violent politics. Sometimes, you may not even believe it if I say that I  haven't even used my vote recently.
My brother is a member of the Moratuwa Urban Council. I haven't used my vote even for his benefit. Even our family knows this, she has added.

Speaking further, Nilmini has elaborated on why she detests politics.

"To explain why I dislike politics, I have to go back to my childhood. My father - Piyadasa Tennokoon was a SLFP organiser in Colombo and Moratuwa back then. He worked with Sirimavo Bandaranaike. He was very busy with politics and spent much of his time at the Horagolla Walauwa."
"Due to this, we were targets of politically triggered hate. My brother was taken and detained at the Boossa Camp. Our homes were torched. Our parents provided for us from a small business. Even that was torched. When our homes were attacked by opposition parties, we used to hide under chairs and beds. There were many a time where we spent shivering in fright. Every time an election took place, we would be in fear."

"Sometimes even political meetings would be held at our home. Former Minister C.V. Guneratne was very close with our family. Usually at meetings attended by Sirimavo Bandaranaike, it was me or either my younger sister who welcomed her by giving her flowers. Mimicking politicians, we also used to climb onto rooftops and make speeches."

"However, after suffering much due to politics, we were sick of everything that had to do with it. After my father passed away, sick at heart, I detested politics. Though my brother continued to be involved in politics, i'm not the least involved. So, after such  suffering do you thing I will return to politics suddenly?"

"I am a person who likes to live freely, I don't want to live a life surrounded by bodyguards. My present life suits me fine. And it has a sense of self satisfaction and lightness that cannot be obtained by money."

Himali's wishes of motherhood

Popular dance artiste and actress Himali Siriwardena says that she will look forward to become a mother after her busy life tones down a bit around mid 2014.

Noting that Jan.20, 2014 would mark the sixth year of her wedded life, Himali says that she is leading a happy and peaceful wedded life.

Himali also says that her performance activities are done well due to the support extended by her husband.

She also says that the name actress is not always well received in Sri Lanka. 'One reason behind my success in the field of Arts is my husband's understanding of myself and my work,' she adds.
She also says that her role in the teledrama 'Swarnapali', which will be telecast in Derana TV soon would be a milestone in her career.

Himali also plays a role in the film 'Raja Horu', which is screened in theatres these days.

‘Sri Siddhartha Gautama’ wins best movie

The much hyped epic Sinhala movie ‘Sri Siddhartha Gautama’ has won the award for the best film in the World Cinema section at the second Delhi International Film Festival in India.

Navin Gunaratne who produced the film on behalf of the Light of Asia Foundation was also given a special award for his role as producer.

Cinematic creations from 29 countries were present at the film festival.

The film features  Gagan Malik in the title role together with  Anchal Singh, Ranjan Ramanayake, Anjani Perera , Gautam Gulati , Roshan Ranawana,  Saranga Dissasekara, Dilhani Perera, Edwin Ariyadasa, Buddhadasa Withanachchi, Wilson Gooneratne, Jayaratne Galagedara and others in the key roles.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I came to change the system – Nadeesha

Actress Nadeesha Hemamali says she has entered politics with the intention of changing the system.
Foremost among my intentions will be the abolition of the executive presidency which is with dictatorial powers.

Nadeesha says she had chosen the UNP as that party’s political approach and policies were similar to those of her own.

We should respect every profession. If honestly done, politics is a great service. In the postmodern society we live in today, people prefer a popular culture and popular persons. That may be wrong because people favour the appearances, not the essence. We have a responsibility to highlight the essence, or else appearances will underline the essence, she says.

Nadeesha goes onto say from her experience in acting that taken subjectively, it is important to study both politics and arts, which is not the case at present.

The latest actress-politician says she had rejected, based on her policies, offers from the top persons in the government to join the UPFA.

She asks the people to place their trust in her, as she has a faith in the southern voters and the vote base there.

Solangi’s love revealed

Derana beauty queen Solangi Christina’s longstanding love affair has been revealed, reports say.
Her lover is Ramesh Vimukthi, who resides in Italy.

Their affair came to light following the posting of a picture of the couple in facebook.

A past student of St. Joseph’s Girls’ School, Solangi had been having the affair with Ramesh since their schooling days.

She is back in the country after participating in the Miss World contest, reports add.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sheshadri Priyasad's Wedding Photos

Sheshadri Priyasad, the second daughter of film director and producer Dinesh Priyasad, got married on December 26.

Her Groom is Sampath De Silva. He is the son of Teledrama director and a top official of the president’s media unit Ranjan De Silva. Ceromony taking place at Gangarama Vihara, reports say.

The groom is employed at a diplomatic mission.

A wedding ceremony will happen on January 05 at Hotel Kingsbury.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sri Lanka tops Google’s 2013 ‘sex’ search list

Sri Lanka topped the list of having searched for the word ‘sex’ in 2013, while India followed at the second spot, Google reported.

According to statistics issued by Google, Sri Lanka came first for the third consecutive year since 2011 in the internet ‘sex’ search category.

When it came to the breakdown of data by cities, Nugegoda, Homagama and Colombo topped the list of people Goggling the term ‘sex’ in 2013 in the Western Province, while Kandy and Galle came first in their respective provinces. Among the cities in the island Nugegoda has been placed first while ,Homagama and Colombo have been placed second and third.

According to Google Trends, the search for the term peaked in Sri Lanka during the week April 14-20, 2013, even as the partial data for December 08-14, 2013 showed it as second highest week during which the term was Googled in 2013.

According to the list of sex searching countries India, Timor, Ethiopia and Bangladesh moved from second place to fifth place.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Pelpita said about 1,500 pornographic web sites had been blocked during the past three years.

“Issues arise when underage children searched for this kind of sites. The Education Ministry also has a responsibility to discipline children,” he said.

“This issue could not be stopped by only blocking sites,” he said adding that future steps would be taken to stop children from searching for ‘sex’ on the internet.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hula is trying to kill me – Sudarma’s husband

Owner of Salaka Senkada Group Gamini Nettikumara says he is continuing to receive death threats from the person known as ‘Hula.’

Speaking to the media at Hotel Kingsbury, he said he was a recognized businessman doing legal businesses, and not a casino owner.

Mr. Nettikumara refuted claims by some that he had said that he had loaned money to wives of 12 ministers and was unable to collect the money from them now.

He said that he had never loaned money to any person, adding the aim of this attempt was to inconvenience the government and the president.

Mr. Nettikumara went onto say that the court will resolve the issue of the illegal gambling centre that had been run in part of Salaka building, to which he had no connection whatsoever.

He said the person known as ‘Hula’ and others had been involved in a mudslinging campaign against him over this gambling centre and also threatened him with death.

Despite complaints to Cinnamon Gardens police, investigations had not taken place properly due to influence by ‘Hula’, he said.

The president was informed about these threats, and legal action will be taken against the character assassination, he added.

Some time ago, Mr. Nettikumara told ‘Divaina’ that ‘Hula’ was having an affair with his wife.

Sheshadri Priyasad's Wedding will be soon

Sheshadri Priyasad, the second daughter of film director and producer Dinesh Priyasad, is to get married on December 26.

Her fiance is Sampath De Silva. He is the son of Teledrama director and a top official of the president’s media unit Ranjan De Silva. Ceromony taking place at Gangarama Vihara, reports say.

The groom is employed at a diplomatic mission.

A wedding ceremony will happen on January 05 at Hotel Kingsbury.

Sheshadri’s marriage will lose Dinakshi, the eldest sister, her closest friend at home.
Both sleep in the same room.

The youngest of the actress sisters is Shanudri.

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