Friday, December 26, 2014

Muthuhettigama secretly leaves country

Deputy Minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama who was issued with a warrant over the Wanduramba incident, has left for Singapore through the VIP entrance of the Bandaranaike International Airport yesterday midnight, sources said.

Tsunami... It has been 10 years....

It has been exactly 10 years since the devastating tsunami wreaked havoc in the island and left bitter memories in the hearts and minds of those living especially along the coastal line of Sri Lanka.

The 2004 tsunami caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake under the Indian Ocean near the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra affected 13 districts in Sri Lanka on a bright sunny morning taking the beach goers, tourists, fishermen, and residents near the shore without a warning.

Sri lanka Lost 40 000+  Lives and approximately 500 000+ displaced...

The earthquake and resulting tsunami affected many countries in Southeast Asia and beyond, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, the Maldives, Somalia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Seychelles and others. Many other countries...  according to reports 283,100 killed and 1,126,900 people displaced from 2004 tsunami.
Although development and reconstruction has taken place, since the dreaded Tsunami, the shattered lives and hearts of those affected would take much longer to mend.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Police fire tear gas at protesters near UGC ( Videos )

University students filed a complaint against the police today at the Human Rights Commission (HRC) of Sri Lanka after the police had assaulted some of them yesterday during a protest in Colombo.

The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) said that 28 students were injured in the assault while 4 students had been arrested.

The police fired tear gas to disperse the university students when they staged a protest opposite the University Grants Commission (UGC) in Colombo.

After holding a protest march from Fort, the students blocked the road opposite the UGC office and staged a protest over several demands.

The police later used tear gas and dispersed the protesting students and assaulted some of them.

Namal baby doesn't know about drug dealers - Hirunika

Mr. Namal Rajapaksa visited her and her mother on the day before she intended to hold a press conference to announce that she would support the common candidate Mr. Maithripala Sirisena at the presidential election and when her mother asked him regarding those who pedal drugs he had said he was not aware of it says Miss Hirunika Premachandra. 

“The whole country knows who is pedalling drugs except President’s son. Is he a baby not to know it?” asked Miss Premachandra.

Further speaking, Don’t take any steps to bring victory to a person who kisses the ground and holds babies aloft says Member of Western Provincial Council Hirunika Premachandra. 
Speaking at a TV programme Miss Premachandra said, “Those few people who are still deceived by the ‘shawl’ and worship such a person should think whether they worship a political leader or an actor.”

"Gini Avi saha Gini Keli" has been taken off the air

 The television drama titled "Gini Avi saha Gini Keli" in English "Firearms and Fireworks", shown on the television channel Derana, has been taken off the air until further notice.

The episode has been scrapped as the main character in the film played by UNP Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake supposedly gives Common Opposition Candidate Maithripala Sirisena plenty of political clout according to inside sources of the TV channel.

The TV series comprises 200 episodes but only 174 sequences have been so far shown to the public. The last episode before it was taken off was shown last Friday (December 19).

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dinakshie Priyasad New Photo Shoot

Shanudrie, Sheshadri and Dinakshie... three daughters for Dinesh Priyasad and Shirani Priyasad.

Their father Dinesh is a eminent film director who is considered a pioneering figure in the Sri Lankan film industry bringing in various technologies and graphics to the country's industry.

Dinakshie's mother has produced films that were directed by her father. Dinakshie is 24 years old born 1990.

Lahiru Thirimanna's Wedding Photos

Sri Lankan Cricketer Lahiru Thirimanne's got married recently. The Wedding held at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. We Our Lanka Team wish them Happy Wedded Life.

Lahiru Thirimanne's Pre-Wedding Shoot
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