Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UNP protest to release Sarath Fonseka

Massive crowds of people attended a protest march and rally that began at Hyde Park in Colombo this afternoon (Nov. 29) to demand freedom for former Army chief Sarath Fonseka and other political prisoners and protested over several more issues.

The protest march began from near Viharamaha Devi Park under the leadership of opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The participants also shouted slogans to demand withdrawal of the expropriation act and against the government’s budget for 2012.

UNP co-deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya could not make it as he is overseas, but co-deputy leader Sajith Premadasa attended the demonstration.
"Today all of us in the United National Party have united for a single cause. Sarath Fonseka, the brave commander who saved our country is imprisoned as a political prisoner. Therefore this is the first step in the battle to release him and to ensure that he receives complete freedom without any conditions," said Sajith Premadasa.

 "Sarath Fonseka is in prison today because he entered politics after those in the United National Party asked him to come forward during the Presidential Election. Hence, it is our duty as those in the UNP to do everything we can to save him. We must ensure that Democracy is protected and Sarath Fonseka is released," said Parliamentarian, Ranjith Maddumabandara

Party leaders including Mr. Wickremesinghe, Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne, Sarath Manamendra and Dr. K. Guruparan as well as journalist Kumara Alagiyawanna, convener of the of the Movement for the Freedom of Sarath Fonseka, addressed the rally.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First fine on Southern Expressway to Minister Kumara Welgama ????

The maximum speed on the new Southern Express Highway is only 100 KMPH. If anyone exceeds this limit there are equipment in the possession of the related authorities to detect and fines the drivers.

Even though the Operations Director of the new Southern Express Highway B.D.K.Bandara has announced and made an open warning to the public in the media regarding speed limit the Minister of Transport, Kumar Welgama at a meeting said “ I accelerated up to 180 KMPH without feeling anything having driven along it ”.

Should he get a fine for that ??

Southern Expressway collects Rs.1 mn within 12 hours

The newly opened Southern expressway was used by more than 4,530 vehicles within 12 hours of its opening, said its operations director P.D.K. Bandara.

Since its opening yesterday (Nov. 27), an income of Rs. one million was earned through toll charges from 6.00 pm to 6.00 am, he said.

Some of the vehicles’ engine, not up to standards, overheated due to high speed, said Mr. Bandara.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sri Lanka stocks up 4.1%

Sri Lanka stocks up ahead of meeting with President

Sri Lanka's stocks rose more than 4.1 percent ahead of a meeting between stockbrokers and President Mahinda Rajapaksa on thin trading with markets expectations of a relaxation of credit rules.

Sri Lanka's stocks have slid sharply in recent days after rising steeply over the past two years, amid low interest rates and credit backed speculation. 
Analysts say lower interest rates and liquid money markets helped push the market up, which is correcting.

Earnings by many corporates have been good but market sentiment has been hit by deteriorating property following an expropriation law and interest rates have also been rising.

Sri Lanka's stock market regulator Malik Cader was removed by the cabinet of ministers after a crackdown on microcap fraud and insider dealing. Investors who pushed for the move reportedly expected the market to bounce back after his removal.

Market representatives also met the regulator last week and there are expectations that broker credit rules would be relaxed.

Broker credit was tightened by the regulator to prevent a bigger bubble and collapse. Colombo Stock Exchange is also having a road show in Singapore.

Source : LBO

First accident on Southern Expressway

The first accident on the Southern Expressway occurred today (November 28) at 7.15am when a speeding vehicle toppled over injuring two persons, the Kelanigama Police stated.

The vehicle was unable to control its speed causing it to topple making it the first accident on the expressway since it was declared open yesterday (November 27) by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


I'm going to be a mother - Udari Chamika

Udari Chamika Warnakulasuriya 24 year old young actress Married to Dr. Sujith Indeewara Wijeratne.
Udari who entered the cinema through the film ‘Paya Ena Hiru Se’ has become popular among fans for her role of Sansala in the ‘Bonda Meedum’ Tele drama. Recently She won the most popular teledrama actress award in Sumathi 2011.

Giving a interview to Sunday paper She has told that she is expecting to be a mother soon.  ( click and zoom to read )

Actor Asela Jayakody dies in road mishap

Popular actor and stage actor Asela Jayakody died this morning in an accident. Police Media Spokesperson SP Ajith Rohana said that the accident took place in the Kadana police division along the Colombo - Katunayake main road.

The accident occurred when Jayakody had his vehicle parked. Just as he got off the vehicle to let his friend drive, another car which came from behind, hit them. The accident took place at around 4 a.m. Asela Jayakody’s friend who was injured in the accident has been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ajith Rohana noted that the driver of the vehicle which hit the victims, has been arrested. Asela Jayakody appeared in teledramas such as Fanatasy Avenue, Romeo Juliet and Wasuda.

Southern Highway journey begins

Sri Lanka’s first Expressway - the E- 01 Southern Expressway- was declared open by President Mahinda Rajapakse today (November 27).

Sri Lanka President speaking at a public gathering after declaring open the country’s first Expressway stressed that separatist tendencies will fade away when we have better road connectivity in the country.

“The best solution to petty separatism and ethnic divisions is to have closer links among people through an efficient road network,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday.

Sri Lanka has turned a new leaf in its road development history, a turn towards the modernization of its road network in line with the best global practices” the President said. He said that the government plans to link all areas of the country through an Expressway network and called it a revolution in road development.

Sri Lanka's President on Sunday unveiled the island's first expressway, linking the capital and the southern city of Galle. The expressway links the island's southern port city of Galle with Colombo. The 96-kilometre (60-mile) four-lane road cost $700 million this new route will reduce congestion on the main coastal highway – the Galle Road- to Galle

Sri Lanka borrowed $178 million from the ADB and sought $317 million from the Japan International Cooperation Agency to finance the project. Japanese peace envoy to Sri Lanka Yashushi Akashi and the Vice President of the ADB were also present on the occasion of this opening ceremony.

The President noted that roads reducing travel time between areas could act as a catalyst for closer links between communities, people and added that this would spur unity and prevent any division within the country.

The President also said that the time when such things were a dream was over and added that this was the moment when dreams come true for Sri Lankans.

“It is another step in our promise to build a new and prosperous Sri Lanka” President said.

“When I was the Prime Minister and also in charge of road development, the people requested me to rebuild the ruined road to the Madhu Church.

I repaired the road and later the Bishop also invited me for the opening.” “However, later the Bishop told me that I have to get permission from the LTTE to travel to Madhu. I totally refused this and told at the time that I would travel to Madhu in the near future but without permission from anyone. This is the type of past we had,” he said.

The President said that soon there would be an Expressway linking Jaffna to Colombo via the A-9 and another from Colombo to Kandy. The Katunayake to Colombo Expressway would be vested in the public at the end of 2012, he added.

He noted that the time when the country’s youth dreamt about such facilities in developed countries was over and added that Sri Lanka would also have facilities equal to developed nations, in the near future.

“I have no doubt that this Expressway would show the path of prosperity for our future generations,” he added.

The President also said that the Expressway would help to promote the whole of South as an investment village and a tourist hub.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Murder of Ragama Loku Seeya

Police are conducting extensive investigations into the abduction and murder of the caretaker of a Devale in Ragama.

The body of Mohamed Sally Niyaz alias ‘Loku Seeya’ was found at Akkarapattu beach a few days ago.

Police said he had been tortured, strangled, the body wrapped with polythene and bound with barbed wire and dumped into the sea.

Relatives identified the body on November 24 and it was due to be brought to his Ragama home yesterday.

The Devale caretaker was abducted by armed men on October 27 at Wattala.
At the time, he had been wearing jewelry worth around Rs. 30 million.

There is speculation that he and his son, nicknamed ‘Podi Seeya’ had engaged in unlawful activities along with several area politicians.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Body of Loku Seeya found ????

A body believed to be that of a person known as ’’Loku Seeya’’ who was abducted on the Kerawalapitiya Road in Mahabage has been found in the Akkaraipaththuwa area.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ajith Rohana said that the body was discovered on the 6th of this month.

The body has been placed in the Akkaraipattu Hospital for identification.

A body believed to be that of a person known as ’’Loku Seeya’’ who was abducted on the Kerawalapitiya Road in Mahabage has been found in the Akkaraipaththuwa area.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ajith Rohana said that the body was discovered on the 6th of this month.

The body has been placed in the Akkaraipattu Hospital for identification.

The Police Media Spokesperson stated that investigations were launched on a statement made by a person claiming that the body is that of Loku Seeya who disappeared. He further said that the relatives of Loku Seeya had left Akkaraipattu last night to identify the body.

However, he said that it is yet to be ascertained whether the body is in fact that of Loku Seeya.
The abduction was carried out on November 27 at about 7 in the evening in the Kerawalapitiya area in Mahabage.

A complaint was lodged with the police which reported that the person known as Loku Seeya was abducted by a group that arrived in a van while he was travelling in his vehicle.

source : newsfirst

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Death toll rises to 12

The strong winds that gushed through the South have wreaked havoc in the lives of those living in the areas of Galle, Matara and Hambantota.

According to the Centre for Disaster Management several houses have also been damaged due to the strong winds.

Meanwhile, according to Pradeep Kodipilli, the Assistant Director of Disaster Management the winds that swept through Galle, Matara and Hambantota caused the greatest damage to Matara.

The death toll in the gale that hit the southern coastal belt has risen to 12 including eight fishermen, and four others who died due to falling trees and other objects. Five fishing boats have been destroyed and 12 others are reported missing.

100 homes damaged and 7 deaths reported so far due to strong winds

Around 100 houses have been damaged due to the strong winds which affected the Galle District earlier today. Additional Secretary of the District, Bandula Harischandra said that three persons were wounded from accidents related to the weather condition.

He said that many structures including the Galle District Secretariat and the main bus depot were damaged from the winds.

Meanwhile damages to houses in the Matara District, which was also adversely affected by strong winds, are yet to be assessed according to the Disaster Coordinator of the district. He however noted that several school buildings in the district were damaged in early hours today (25).

He said that roads which were obstructed due to fallen trees are presently being cleared.

Seven deaths have been reported so far from the Matara District due to adverse weather conditions, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) said.

Disaster Coordinator of the Matara District H.W.E. Balasuriya earlier said that several school buildings in the district were damaged from strong winds today (25) while the damage to houses is yet to be assessed.

Certain parts of the district are still experiencing strong winds, he said adding that obstructed roads are being cleared.

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