Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dilhani Ashokamala Latest

Famous sri lankan actress Dilhani Ashokamala's latest snaps. She still looks young and goprgeous. She is married to singer and actor Priyankara Perera son of famous singer Milton Perera. She has a teenage son.
She plays a major role in the sri lankan movie star show "Ridee Reyak", which is a very popular annual event in sri lanka.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3rd ( third ) World - Ajith kumarasiri

Ajith kumarasiri... also known as Rock ajith is a unconventional musician.... he is  hitting out at violence, corruption and social injustice. he conveys his messages through his own unique brand of militant music and lyrics.

his music is about harsh realities of our society... dirty politics... violence of war...
he chose rock music to express his views...

3 rd world.. Ajith's first album has released late 2008. it is not available for same but for distribution free.
the objective of this approach was let his music to reach people genuinely rather than being commercial.

Out of an entire audience not everyone likes his music. but he has special following fans.
It is not about his music... it is about the message he brings to society.

ajith has a philosophical optimism that things will go better. until that he will play his music.

Good luck ajith.


:::: 3RD WORLD ::::

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy New Year to All Sri lankans.....

May This New Year Bring You Happiness... Success... good health... and be filled with Peace... Hope... Togetherness of your Family and your Loved ones...

OUR LANKA wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR to all....

Sri Lankans celebrate their National New Year " Sinhala hindu Aluth Avurudu " in mid april after the Harvest is done. The sun is moving from the House of Pisces to the Aries signals the dawning of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The New Year begins at the time determined by the astrologers. Not only the beginning of the new year but the conclusion of the old year is also specified by the astrologers. And unlike the customary ending and beginning of new year, there is a period of a few hours in between the conclusion of the Old Year and the commencement of the New Year which is called the "nonagathe" (neutral period). During this time one is expected to keep off from all types of work and engage solely in religious activities.

This also coincides with the time when the harvest ends, so the colorful fruit from the trees is collected in bulk to fuel the week-long celebrations. Festivities are prepared well in advance and most of the country grinds to a halt as hundreds travel home to be with their families and stores close down in their wake - it can be impossible to track down the simplest of things just before it all starts.

The rituals begin with the cleaning of the house and lighting of an oil lamp, and women congregate to bash on the raban (drum) to warn others of the incipient change in the year. If you fail to hear this, a storm of firecrackers is bound to hammer the point home.

Families indulge in a variety of rituals which are carefully determined by astrological calculations - from lighting the fire to making the kiri (milk rice) bath, to entering into the first business transaction and eating the first morsels.

Once these are done, the partying really begins as families mingle in the streets, homes are thrown open and children are let out to play. The ubiquitous plantain is dished out alongside celebratory feasts of kaung (small oil cake) and kokis (crisp and light sweetmeat, originally from the Netherlands).

Aurudu has become an important national holiday for both the cultures of the Sinhalese Buddhists and the Tamil Hindu Sri Lankans, and is unique as such, as it is not celebrated elsewhere in the world. Indeed wealthy Sri Lankans make it an excuse to come home from wherever they are to make it a long holiday season.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pramudi in GO magazine :::: she looks sexy

Picture perfect. LOOK. She is changing. photos with interview.

Pramudi Karunarathne... the little girl who was in Saroja movie... she is a cute teenager now. her recent acting can see in lahiru's new song.. " sudu gawme "
we wish all the best for her future and career.
good luck pramudi.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a smart way to bring cellphones in to schools

with all restrictions our girls have founded a way to bring cell phone in to school without a problem. young generation is getting smarter and smarter.

Friday, April 9, 2010

SL School Girls dancing...

lankan school girls having some fun. eh it is the last day of term.

Check these out...

school girls dancing

vishaka dance

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pramudu karunarathne New photoes ( 2 )

Pramudi Karunarathne... the little girl who was in Saroja movie... she is a cute teenager now. her recent acting can see in lahiru's new song.. " sudu gawme "
we wish all the best for her future and career.
good luck pramudi.

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