Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pushpika Sandamali to the Top Model of the World grand finale

The grand finale of the Top Model of the World 2013 pageant will be held tonight in El Gouna, Egypt.

The participants from over 60 countries will take part in the competition organised by the World Beauty Organisation, an international company in Panama City, Panama.

Among the top beauty queens vying at the mega event is Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2011 Pushpika Sandamali de Silva.

Speaking on her participation at the Top Model of the World 2013, Pushpika said she had gained tremendous experience by participating in the week-long competition, and is now eagerly looking forward to the grand finale.

In her preparations for the Top Model of the World 2013, Pushpika had a stint in India. After winning Sri Lanka's premier beauty crown two years ago, she was chosen to represent Sri Lanka at the Miss World 2011 in London. She won the Best National Costume mini pageant and made her way to the semi-finals of the main contest. The Sunday Observer is the media partner for Pushpika as she embarks to bring in more glory to Sri Lanka as the Top Model of the World 2013, with TV Derana as the electronic media partner. Raja Jewellers is the principal sponsor for the Lankan beauty queen.

Pushpika to make Sri Lanka proud

Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2011 Pushpika Sandamali De Silva is now in Egypt to compete at the Top Model of the World 2013 pageant which starts today. The prestigious week long pageant ends next Sunday with a grand finale.

Pushpika, participated in a training stint in India as a lead up to the big event and left for Egypt last Friday. Since winning Sri Lanka’s most prestigious beauty crown in 2011, Pushpika has had a busy schedule. While participating in the Miss World 2011 in London she was selected for the semi-finals of the mini pageant - Beauty with a Purpose.

“I want to bring more international glory to my country. I am really thankful to my sponsors, especially to Raja Jewellers who have given me the financial backing and the Sunday Observer and TV Derana for being media partners. I will make every effort to make my presence felt at the Top Model of the World 2013 pageant,” Pushpika said shortly before her departure.

The stage is set for the Top Model of the World 2013 which will be held for the 20th consecutive year with the grand finale scheduled for March 31 in El Gouna, Egypt. Nearly 60 countries will take part in the competition organised by the World Beauty Organisation, an international company based in Panama City, Panama.

“It is a great privilege in my professional career as a beauty queen and a model. Sri Lanka has never taken part in the Top Model of the World competition before and I am confident that I could make a dream debut for my country,” she added.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bentota Beach Fest 2013 Photos

Organized by the coalition between the Hawkeyes, Bentota Sports Club and the Sunshine Water Sports Club, the Bentota Beach Fest 2013 took place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of March at the Bentota beach.

The beach sports championships and carnival is organized with the main aim of promoting water and beach related sports and promoting tourism in the South. In association with referees and officials from the respective sports’ governing institutes, the tourism board and the Beruwela Bentota Hotel Association, the event is being organized in full swing to reach out to the grass root level of sports and sportsmen in the Southern province.

A variety of water and beach sports including beach volleyball, beach football, beach rugby, kabadi, tug of war, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, canoeing and adventure sporting are all lined up to take place in order to encourage budding athletes and teams amidst the spectacle of beach lovers and summer tourists. After sunset, beach parties are scheduled to take place featuring the ABC network and house/dance music sensations Tom Boxer and Morena.

Tickets were priced Rs. 3500 and Rs.1500.

Photos  taken from :  samakayawate )

Fashion Bug was not the target of mob attack

Inquiries into the unrest in Pepiliyana on Thursday night revealed that the warehouse of the ‘Fashion Bug’ clothing outlet which suffered damages, was not the main focus of the mob attack, but a Backhoe yard situated nearby.

The Police said that three persons have been arrested in relation to the incident.

The mob attack had stemmed from an ongoing case regarding a police complaint over a love affair and alleged abuse of a girl by an employee of the backhoe yard.

The backhoe yard situated on the main Pepiliyana-Kohuwala road was torched by the mob at around 8.00 p.m. damaging the property and the vehicles parked in the yard.

Eyewitnesses said more than 400 people were standing outside while the mob were on rampage.

The entire episode was triggered after an employee of the yard who is also a Muslim was caught having a relationship with a 15 year old Sinhalese girl in a nearby house and alleged to rape her.

The parents of the girl had lodged a complaint with the Police alleging rape, after which the suspect was arrested and remanded three days earlier.

However, the father of the girl, a trishaw driver, had allegedly incited the others over incident after which the incident had taken a racial twist.

It was after this that the mob had directed their attention towards the Fashion Bug warehouse, situated about 150 meters away.

The mob had pelted stones damaging the windows and a few of them had got into the clothes stores and damaged it.

There was heavy Police, CID and STF presence in and around the vicinity of the clothing store .

Police spokesman S.P. Budhdika Siriwardena said many Police teams have been deployed to apprehend the culprits.

“Police teams headed by DIG Anura Senanayake have been deployed to investigate the incident. The Police have been receiving information and we hope to make a breakthrough soon,” he said.

BBS condemns the attack

The Bodu Bala Sena organization (BBS) today while condemning the attack on the Pepiliyana Fashion Bug warehouse on Thursday evening, called for the arrest of all persons involved with the incident irrelevant of their status.

BBS Secretary, Ven. Galaboda Aththey Gnanasara thera speaking at a media briefing organized yesterday described the events that transpired on Thursday evening as ‘barbaric’ and ‘unpleasant’ and as actions organized by extremists to disrupt the Sinhala Buddhist revival movement initiated by them.

He said if such incidents are allowed to continue scot-free, it would pave way to a recurrence of the 1983 black July riots.  “We learnt through various media reports that several monks had also accompanied the attackers. We urge the IGP to take action against all individuals involved with the incident, even if they are men of cloth. However, we also know that quite a number of non-Buddhists have guised themselves

Friday, March 29, 2013

Boycott IPL - Ranatunga

Sri Lankan World Cup winning Captain Arjuna Ranatunga urged Sri Lankan Cricketers participating in the Indian Premier League to “keep their dignity and stay away” from the IPL.

Ranatunga said the players should not be treated in the manner that they have been.

“These are world class players and if the IPL have decided against them playing in one part of the country and degraded the cricketers I think they should not play anywhere else they should keep their dignity and stay at home. If they are not welcome in one part of the country why play in other parts” he said.

While stating that the decision by the governing council would set a bad precedent for the sport, Ranathunga reiterated that Lankan cricketers should have been treated with more respect.

“I don’t believe that sports and politics should ever get involved. This sets a bad precedent for the sport because tomorrow you will have some other part shouting against another country. They (IPL) have given into the gimmicks of Tamil Nadu politicians, and will have to watch for the repercussions” he said.

The vociferous Sri Lankan captain turned opposition parliamentarian said that the current developments are sad for the sport.

“The governing council and the franchisees have given into the gimmicks of the Tamil Nadu Politicians.  I don’t ever think that politics and sports should be mixed and this is a glaring example of it. The Tamil Nadu politicians only remember Sri Lanka when there is an impending election or when there is a resolution of this sort, if not our Sri Lankans living in the North and East are forgotten” he said.

He further said the decision should have been made to avoid using Chennai as a venue for the IPL.

“They could have played in all other venues instead of Chennai and that would have been the best decision that would have served all stakeholders. This should have been the decision that was taken instead of giving into threats. A decision such as this would have shown respect to our cricketers instead of the demeaning manner in which they have been treated” he added.

It’s not the end of the world – Murali

Sri Lankan spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan has hit back at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayaram Jayalalithaa for barring Sri Lankan cricketers from playing Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in Chennai.

"So what if Chennai doesn’t want us? It’s not the end of the world," he declared in an interview published in The Indian Express.

Chennai has been a second home for Muralitharan. Besides being a Tamil, the former Sri Lankan off-spinner is married to an Indian who belongs to the city. Moreover, Muralitharan represented the Chennai Super Kings during the first three seasons of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

But with the Tamil Nadu government having declared the state capital a ‘no-Sri-Lankan-zone’, Muralitharan will be forced to give Chennai a miss during the sixth edition of IPL starting next month.

Muralitharan said the ban also affected him at a personal level considering the deep rooted links he shares with Chennai. And also because he is a Tamil.

"I am a Tamil. But I’m a Sri Lankan first. And the ban means I’m not wanted there either. I can assure you that there has been immense peace all around Sri Lanka since the war ended and the Tamils are living very happily here. They are treated equally well," he proclaimed.

And the 40-year-old Sri Lankan spin legend expressed his disappointment at the unsavoury developments.

"It’s sad that the Tamil Nadu government doesn’t want us there. It’s always unfortunate when people in power start mixing politics with sports. So if they don’t want me in Chennai then I won’t go. I can’t do anything else about it," he said.

Muralitharan, who now represents Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), however, confirmed his participation in IPL 6 and said that he will be very much a part of RCB’s campaign.

"The IPL is a great tournament. And I love being a part of it. I now play for Bangalore and I’m sure our fans there will be looking forward to seeing us in action. So what if Chennai doesn’t want us? It’s not the end of the world. I’ll still be a part of the team in all other cities and enjoy their support," he declared.

In the aftermath of the Tamil Nadu government’s move, many former Sri Lankan cricketers such as Arjuna Ranatunga have asked the 13 Sri Lankan players, including Muralitharan, to boycott IPL-6 as a whole. But Muralitharan urged his compatriots to take a more pragmatic stand.

"It’s disappointing for sure but we are entertainers after all and should not get involved with the politics. Our job is to go out there and perform. The worst case is that we will be left out of the team for that one match. Eventually, the decision will be left to the individual but I’m sure the IPL as a whole will not be affected by this," said Muralitharan.

Hirunika advised to dress properly

Colombo Additional Magistrate Praharsha Ranasinghe today advised Hirunika Premachandra to be appropriately dressed when attending Court.

Ms. Premachandra was clad in a long-sleeved light pink kurtha and a pair of trousers.

In this case she and four others were charged with having intimidated and assaulted a businessman after trespassing into his business premises at Kinsey Road in Borella.

The Magistrate referred the case to the Mediation Board.

When the case was taken up for inquiry Defence Counsel Nissanka Nanyakkara appearing with Sanjeewa Seneviratne, Nilan Amarakoon and Madura Welgama told the Magistrate that the suspects had been released on police bail and said the case could be settled amicably through mediation. The complainant had agreed to this suggestion.

The Magistrate released the suspects on bail and directed the parties concerned to be present at the Mediation Board and a copy of the proceedings to be submitted to Court on July 31.

People want to know where Duminda is - Hirunika

Hirunika Premachandra today said the matter of real public interest was the whereabouts of Duminda Silva.

“ I don’t think the people want to know about an argument I had with our neighbour; I think its more important for them to know the whereabouts of Duminda Silva who is accused of murdering four people and leaving their families destitute” she said.

She also said her attire was not of interest to the public.

“My attire is not of any interest to the public. That warning was given to all those present in court that day, but what people really need to know is the condition of Duminda Silva and where he is kept in hiding”

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Damitha - Semini sues each other

In a new turn of events, film and teledrama star Damitha Abeyratne has planned to take actress Semini Iddamalgoda to courts demanding Rs. 1000 million as damages for defaming her.

Damitha has sent a letter of demand through her Attorney Ms Samanthi Gamage, refuting the allegations made by Semini Iddamalgoda who earlier sued her for Rs. 500 million damaging her (Semini) reputation.

In a counter action to be filed, Damitha said that she never attempted to character assassinate a contemporary of the same profession for personal gains. Damitha in her letter of demand has complained that her reputation has been damaged by defamation action filed by Semini. However in a statement to media Damitha said even though publicity was given by Semini to the effect that she had sued her for malicious defamation so far she had not received any summons related to an action.

Damitha claimed in addition to being a teledrama and film actress over 32 years, she also had contributed for voice dubbing, advertising and singing. She had won the coveted best actress award on several occasions.

Having considered all facts she has decided to counter the charges leveled against her and prove her innocence by filing an action through her attorneys Ms Samanthi Gamage, Pradeep Gamage and senior counsel Neville Abeyratne to recover cost of damages caused to her goodwill and reputation.

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Semini sues Damitha

Damitha to counter sue

Popular actress Damitha Abeyratne says that she too will seek legal redress if actress Semini Iddamalgoda intends to sue her in a baseless and malicious manner.

Noting that she has not made a statement to insult anyone, Ms. Abeyratnne, in a statement reassures that she had not said nor done anything to tarnish actress Semini's professional image.

However, should Ms. iddamalgoda sue her, she too will seek legal redress to prove her innocence and demand compensation, Damitha adds.

On March 21, Semini Iddamalgoda filed a case against actress Damitha Abeyrathe at the Colombo District Courts, citing that a deregatory statment made by Ms. Abeyratne at a radio programme tarnished her professional image.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Man forces wife & children to watch porn

Police has arrested a man in Habaraduwa, Meepe, for forcing his wife and children to watch pornographic videos at.
The suspect is employed in a university as laboratory assistant.
He was heavily drunk and was watching a porn video in the living room when the police made the arrest.
VCDs, DVDs and the DVD player which were used to watch porn have also been seized.
The police investigation has revealed that the suspect has assaulted his wife, two daughters and son everyday forcing them to watch porn videos with him.
One of the two daughters was kept at another house in Habaraduwa due to the situation.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thanuja disappointed with love and romance

Popular announcer Tanuja Jayawardene says she is greatly disappointed with the topic of love and romance. When people love, they try to possess that love and suffer much anguish, says Thanuja. When she thinks of this it will take more time for her to get married. The announcer said thus in an interview with a weekend tabloid supplement. She has not decided that she will not get married she says .

Saturday, March 23, 2013

An uncle MR’s present to a nephew Shashendra Rajapaksa

Shashendra Rajapaksa, the nephew of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and son of the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, has been given the opportunity of continuing as the Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Katharagama Devalaya through an extra special gazette No. 1807/39 issued on 15th March without any election.

The gazette with the signature of Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne has exempted Ruhunu Katharagama Devale, in which Chief Minister for Uva PC Shashendra Rajapaksa is the Basnayake Nilame, from clause 12 (a) of Buddhist Viharas and Devalagam Temporalities Act which states that the period a person could hold the post of Basnayake Nilame could be extended only by two years.

According to Buddhist Viharas and Devalagam Temporalities Act A Basnayake Nilame could be in the post for five years since the day he is appointed and the President could extend his term for two years if he is found efficient.

The extended period of Mr. Shashendra Rajapaksa after his normal period of five years ended on 15th March. The Prime Minister has issued the aforementioned gazette when an election to the post was due. Shashendra Rajapaksa as the Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Katharagama Devale was not eligible to hold the post of chief minister of Uva PC. However, through an extra special gazette of 1614/30 dated 14th August, 2009 President Mahinda Rajapaksa exempted him from clause 14 (a) and (b) of the Buddhist Viharas and Devalagam Temporalities Act. Ruhunu Maha Katharagama Devalaya is one the religious places in Sri Lanka that earns millions daily as contributions from devotees.

Sri Lankan Models Photos ( 26 ) :: Morina Dassanayake

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

No dealings with Tamil Nadu - Gotabaya Rajapaksha

There will be no further dealings with tamil nadus, said the secretary Ministry of Defence and Urban development, Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Speak into ‘Divaina’ Mr. Rajapaksa had said ’ according to the harassment meted out to Sri Lankans, hence forth all Tamils coming from Tamil Nadu will face maximum legal consequences and punishment’ ‘ Tiger sympathizers accuse of lacking in humanity and compassion.

Yet it is they who lack these. The take undue advantage of our humanity’ ‘ I believe that the India Central government will take appropriate measures to apprehend the LTTE sympathizers who re harassing Sri Lankan citizens and Buddhists monks. They should be apprehended and maximum punishment should ensue’ the Secretary further said.

Hirunika summoned to court

Hirunika Premachandra and her three security personnel has been summoned to court on March 27 over the barging in to the premises of 175, Kynsey road, Borella and assaulting one person.

Taking up the case, Colombo Additional Magistrate Praharsha Ranasinghe has further ordered the Borella police to take necessary action with regard to the case.

One Dhammika Peiris Wickremeratne, the owner of the private business venture Design Logic had made a complaint with the Borella police that Hirunika was attempting to usurp public property of the Road Development Authority.

The complaint states that the suspects have demanded plants to be potted in front of the building and has threatened to break his legs and kill him.

In his complaint, the businessman had stated that one security guard has even slapped him.
Speaking in court, Borella police CI Anuruddha Bandara has said that the incident has been recorded in the CCTV cameras.

OIC Borella police, Chief Inspector Mr. B. M.A. Bandaranayake, who  alowed bail for Hirunika Premachandra, daughter of slain  MP  Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra has been  transferred out. 

Hirunika was thus granted bail  following an incident where she was arrested by the Borella police  for attempting to evict forcibly  a  group of persons from  the premises of 175, Kynsey road.
Bail was granted when the case pertaining to the landdispute was being heard in Court No.2 in Hultsdorf. The Borella OIC has been transferred to Avissawella.

Semini sues Damitha

Popular actress Semini Iddamalgoda today (21) filed a case against actress Damitha Abeyrathe at the Colombo District Courts.

The plaintiff has stated that Damitha had made derogatory comments against her during an interview on Ran FM on Jan. 16, 2013.

The case further states that these comments have caused great harm to her acting career of 16 years.

Sri Lankan Models Photos ( 23 ) :: Madhuwanthi Liyanage

Discover the beauty of Sri lankan Girls... Yes. We have started new feature from today...

Here you can see the hot and beautiful Srilankan Models girls and actress photos..

Sri Lankan girls are beautiful and really hot. After 30 years of war Sri Lankan is now enjoying their lives. Modelling industry is also started to boom with Tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for Tea, Cricket, Sunny beaches, Wildlife, Ancient history and many more. But you must know Sri Lanka also has many hot & sexy beautiful girls as well. Here I share variety of Sri Lankan girls who perform in modeling industry in Sri Lanka. Enjoy...

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