Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Milk Powder importers lied

Repeated claims made by foreign milk producers that their milk powder products were ‘free’ from the agrochemical Dicyandiamide (DCD), were proved false this week when the Ministry of Technology, Research and Atomic Energy stated on Friday (26) that traces of DCD had been found in samples of imported milk powder brands sold in Sri Lanka.

Tests had been carried out by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) on samples of four imported milk powder brands and two local brands. The Nation was the first to reveal in March that milk powder products containing the potentially hazardous agrochemical had sneaked into the local market.

Traces of DCD were detected in all four foreign branded milk powder samples, while DCD was not detected in the two local brands that were tested, according to the ITI report. The four foreign milk powder brands where traces of DCD were detected are Anchor, Anchor 1+, Diamond and Maliban Non-Fat.

The two local milk powder brands that were cleared of DCD were Pelawatte and Highland. Anchor and Anchor 1+ are both imported by New Zealand based Fonterra, while Maliban Non-Fat is imported from Australia by Maliban Milk Products (Pvt) Ltd.

Diamond Milk Powder is imported from New Zealand by P.M. Mohamedali & Company. The revelations come despite repeated claims by brands such as Fonterra and Maliban that their milk powder brands are free from DCD.

At the height of the controversy in May this year, the New Zealand Government itself got involved to protect its multi-billion dollar dairy industry, with its High Commission in New Delhi releasing a statement, assuring that New Zealand dairy products are safe.

It acknowledged that ‘low levels of DCD’ were detected in a ‘small number’ of New Zealand milk powder products. “Extensive research has shown no food safety risk at the levels of DCD detected.

It is of very low toxicity, and even with extremely high doses it has been difficult to identify any adverse effects,” the New Zealand Government claimed at the time. It was also claimed that DCD fertilizer was no longer being applied to pastures in New Zealand. Authorities here, however, insist that levels of DCD detected in milk powder brands imported to Sri Lanka should be ‘zero’, and the Health Ministry has stated all milk powder importers must present a report obtained from any reputed laboratory recognized by the ministry, certifying that their milk powder stocks were free from DCD.

Accordingly, it became mandatory for milk powder importers to present such a certificate to the ministry from June 1. Maliban Milk Products (Pvt) Ltd., meanwhile, went to great lengths to emphasize how its milk powder was ‘Free from DCD’ as it was imported ‘Only from Australia’, where DCD was reportedly not being used.

Maliban Milk is imported from the Murry Goulburn Co-Operative Company Ltd., in Australia. “DCD is not used by Australian Dairy farmers and therefore, no residues are expected, in Australian dairy products,” stated a press release issued by Maliban in May.

However, the veracity of these claims are now open to question, with the ITI indicating it had found clear traces of DCD in Maliban milk powder products as well. For its part, Fonterra launched an aggressive media campaign emphasizing their milk powder products had been found to be 100% free of DCD in over 100 tests conducted worldwide.

But the ITI report has all but left these claims in the dust. Following the latest report, The Nation also contacted P.M. Mohamedali & Company regarding reports that traces of DCD were found in its Diamond milk powder products imported from New Zealand. However, we were told there was no one authorized to speak to the media on the issue at this time.

Meanwhile, Health Ministry officials said they would study the report in detail before deciding on further action. Health Ministry Secretary Dr. Nihal Jayathilaka, said the ministry would decide on a future course of action in consultation with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA). He explained they had obtained the opinion of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the DCD issue when it first came to the fore. “The WHO has the technical mandate to give an opinion on the issue, but they didn’t advise us to immediately stop importing milk powder products. However, we did come to a decision to test all imported milk powder products for DCD. We have been extremely vigilant and the ministry’s Food Advisory Committee, under the Director General of Health Services, has been heavily involved in this process,” he claimed. Dr. Jayathilaka pointed out that this was a multibillion dollar industry, where the competition is ‘cutthroat’.

Therefore, if one company falls, the others stand to make huge profits. As such, one has to move carefully since companies are not averse to ‘hitting below the belt’ to take advantage of a situation, he opined. “There needs to be a critical analysis of all the facts. We will work in consultation with everyone and come to a decision,” he stressed. CAA Chairman Rumy Marzuk said he had not seen the report as yet, but that the CAA was prepared to act on it in consultation with the Health Ministry. It is also a well known fact that milk powder is used in the manufacturing of other products such as yogurt, ice cream, and certain milk chocolates.

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12 men attempted to abduct my son : Mervyn Silva

Minister Minister Mervyn Silva said 12 men had attempted to abduct his son Malaka this evening and that he was injured during the fracas at the ODEL car park in Town Hall.

When asked by journalists about the injuries suffered by his son, the minister responded by saying, ‘Why? Are you a doctor?’

“I was at home when my son called me and said 12 unidentified men had assaulted him and that he had fought back. I told him to get himself admitted to hospital and allow the police to carry out their investigations,” he said.

“Police are carrying out investigations. When 12 people assault one person obviously he is bound to get injured. But I am happy that he is in a stable condition. This could have ended up at the mortuary but I am happy he is stable”, he said

The minister said the biggest question is why 12 people should assault him.

When a journalist asked him whether he was was aware that such an incident might happen, he said if he knew he won’t be here talking to the media.

“My brother, sister and brother-in-law were killed by the JVP-UNP. Go to Tissamaharama and ask how many of the murderers are still alive,” the minister said.

Before leaving to ODEL he asked the journalists, ‘Why are you asking me about his wounds”.

The police emergency unit rushed to the scene after receiving a 119 call from an eyewitness to the incident. According to eyewitnesses Malaka had received several blows to his head.

He was admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital shortly afterwards. Several senior police officers arrived at the scene but the miscreants had left by then.

Detectives recorded a statement from one of the eyewitness who is believed to be a security guard of the clothing store. They are also expected to examine the CCTV camera footage as well.

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Suspects who attacked Malaka Silva not identified 

Malaka Silva hospitalized after clash

Suspects who attacked Malaka Silva not identified yet

The Police reports that the Defender with the registration number WP – AI 5213 in which the group that stabbed and assaulted the son of Minister Mervyn Silva, Malaka Silva arrived, belongs to PSD.
However, the police suspects that the proprietors might have used a fake number plate.

While the Cinnamon Garden Police is probing the incident, it has also took into police custody the security cameras of Odel shopping complex car park, where the incident has occurred, in connection with identification of suspects.

The police have also taken measures to observe the security camera footage of the Colombo city in order to find information regarding the vehicle in which the assaulters arrived.

The police have discovered a broken glass bottle in the location where Malaka Silva was assaulted. They suspect that Malaka has been stabbed with the particular bottle.

The police has discovered that there had been an attempt to abduct Malaka , reports say.

However, speaking to media Minister Mevyn Silva stated that the assaulters have attempted to send Malaka to the morgue not to the hospital.

The Minister requested from Media to inquire regarding the death of three including his sister and brother who were murdered while he was in Tissamaharamaya.

Doctor arrested for abusing 6 boys

An Ayurvedic doctor has been arrested for sexually abusing 6 underage boys.

The doctor, who has been maintaining an Ayurvedic center for treating fractures and dislocations in Ruwanwella, has been keeping 6 schoolboys at the location and he has sexually abused them.

The police was able to find the 6 children as they searched the location following the search warrant obtained from the court under the instructions of National Child Protection Authority.

The doctor who fled the area following the raid was arrested on July 28th evening, said Ruwanwella Police.

The children who were 13-16 years of age were directed to Kegalle Judicial Medical Officer.

The suspect will be produced before Ruwanwella Magisrate Court.

Web sued for insulting Semini

Cyber Crime Division under the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has yesterday (29) informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate Court that legal actions will be taken against the website which has insulted the famous cinema and tele actress Semini Iddamalgoda.

The CID has informed the court that information has received regarding the individual who maintained the particular website.

Semini Iddamalgoda had lodged a complaint with the CID indicating that an report has published in a website with a blurred picture of her stating that she engages in prostitution on package system and there are several other young actress working for her.

The complaint further reads that she is undergoing immense psychological trauma and her family life has been severely affected due to the particular incident.

Royal teacher protests on the roof

It is reported that a female school teacher in Royal college, Colombo is engaging in a protest by climbing up on to the roof a school building.

The reason for this protest is said to be a transfer which has been given to her.

When inquired regarding from the secretary of the Ceylon teachers union Mr. Joseph Stalin, he said that the first thing to do is to rescue the teacher from the dangerous situation.

The teacher who is protesting is Ms. Kalyani Dissanayake.

She is a assistant principal in grade 1,2.

Ms. Dissanayaka had previously complained about the corruption going on in the Royal college.
It is said that she has been given a transfer to Anula Vidyalaya, and after she lodged a complaint to the bribery commission, she has been given another transfer before Hearing her case.

She has been removed from the roof top with the help of the police.  

Later she has been taken in to the Kurunduwatte police station and a statement has been recorded.
Last week 4 teachers in the Royal College have been given transfers and they say that it is unfair for them.

They accuse that the Royal college was a ground for corruption under the knowledge of the principal.
The teachers say that it is because they revealed this to outside, they have been given transfers.
However, education minister Bandula Gunawardhana said that a disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher.

No fault in using Galle ground for Rugby - Namal

MP Namal Rajapaksa says that there is no fault in using the play grounds like the Galle international cricket ground for other sports as well.

MP Rajapaksa made this comment while answering question raised by the BBC Colombo reporter Asam Ameen through Twitter, regarding the accusation about the Galle cricket ground being destroyed due to Carlton Super 7 Rugby tournament.

The tournament was organized by the Tharunyayata hetak organization with the patronage of MP Namal Rajapaksa.

Massive amounts of money was spent on reconstructing the ground after Tsunami and as he ground was confined to playing cricket only after that, many school ahletes faced trouble.
However, MP Namal did not respond to the question raised whether the ground will be opened to other sports events as well.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Malaka Silva hospitalized after clash

Son of Minister Mervin Silva, Malaka Silva has been admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital, after he was reportedly stabbed after a clash in the car park of Odel, a leading shopping mall in Colombo 7.

According to reports Silva had received several blows to his head. He is currently being treated at the Intensive Care Unit of the Nawaloka Hospital.

There is heavy police presence  around the Odel car park with senior Police officials restricting media personel from taking photographs of the place of the incident.

Initial reports said that a gang in a Defender jeep had attacked Silva.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Swarnawahini sacks Damsari

According to SLM that the main actress of the daily tele drama in Swarnawahini "Dmasari", Sheryl Romane Decker has been removed from the drama.

He reason for removing her is said to be her poor health condition.

It is reported that due to her continuous illnesses, the crew has been unable to shoot the 5 day show drama continuously.

However, also heard that another reason for her removal was because she was troublesome to the crew.

In the beginning she had only charged 7000 Rupees per day and had acted in 8 episodes per day.
Later she had reduced it to 7 episodes.

And going further, she had increased her charges to 10,000 after a lot of bargaining.

And after her marriage, she had taken part in shooting only till 5.00pm

And her continuous attempt to increase her value has lead the Swarnawahini authorities to sack her.
Damsari is a creation of Gihan Rohana and he has previously directed tele dramas like Chakrangi, Katu kurullo and Oini aga pulingu.

Damsari's mother has deceased and her father is an alcoholic.

And her role is depicted as a woman who takes motherly care of her sisters amid these problems.

Maurice Dahanayake no more

Veteran film actor and singer Maurice Dahanayake passed away this morning (26) at the age of 81.
He was down with illness during the past couple of years and he passed away at Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital due to a cardiac disorder.

In a career spanning several decades Maurice Dahanayake has played crucial roles in maintaining high standards in the local arts.

His songs like ‘Onna Olu Malak', ‘Sudo Poddak Andanna', ‘Meth Mal Pibidewa', 'Muthu Mitak Piri Eththe' are some creations that will linger in our memories forever.

The relatives have stated that the funeral will be announced later.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brothel raided in Nugegoda

Seven women, including the manager of a brothel which had been operating as an Ayurvedic medical centre at Kandawaththa Road, Nugegoda were arrested by the Mirihana Police last night, Police said.

The women, aged between 23 to 49, were from Maharagama, Pitakotte, Dodangahayaya, Homagama, and Colombo and they would be produced before the Nugegoda Magistrate today, Police said.

The Mirihana Police are conducting further investigations.

Suspect caught for raping mother and daughter

Wanathawilluwa police today arrested a estate manager who is suspected to have raped a mother and a daughter in the same family several times making them death threats.

The victims are residents of an estate in Ralmaduwa, Wanathawilluwa which is controlled by the suspect manager.

The mother and daughter are of ages 39 and 13 respectively.

Aussie boy to Natasha

It is reported that famous singer and actress Natasha Perera has received a marriage proposal from a Sri Lankan living in Australia. It is said that the proposal has been made by a relative of Manjula Pathirage, a friend of singer Ranil Mallawarachchi.

But unfortunately Natasha has not given her consent to the proposal.

However her grand mother, Manel Amarasena has not Given up her quest to seek a suitable groom for her grand daughter.

Meanwhile word in the field is that Natasha's boyfriend is young singer Prihan.

Natasha spent much of her childhood after coming to Sri Lanka from Italy as an infant, with her grand mother.

Natasha is currently engaged in legal studies.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Young bride dead the day after honeymoon

A news about a young bride who has fallen dead due to a dowry issue, the day after the return from honeymoon is reported from Kantale police station.

Kantale police fished out the body of this 30 year old woman who was married on the 16th, out form a farm well near the groom's house on the 17th around 10pm.

The deceased is a 30 year old woman named Chamoika Udayakanthi from Pilimathalawa.
He brother said that she had been humiliated because of a dowry issue.

But in the grooms defense, one of his sisters said that the bride looked a bit mentally unstable and that her brother, the groom, is now trying to commit suicide after this sudden tragedy.

The Coroner who examined the body at the Kanthale base hospital transferred the body to the Polonnaruwa General hospital for further tests,due to lack of facilities.

Bride elopes with boyfriend on wedding day

An incident has been reported from Ahangama yesterday (18) where a bride has eloped with her boyfriend few hours before getting married.

The bride is a 23 year old resident of Nakanda , Ahangama and her parents had arranged a marriage for her with a man from Mapalagama.

On the day of the wedding (18) a three wheeler has arrived at the hotel where the ceremony was organized and a  man has inquired the owner of the hotel regarding the room of the bride identifying himself as bride's brother.

Then the bride ,who was dressed up for the wedding has left with him in the threewheeler.
When the relatives of the groom arrived at the hotel it was revealed that the bride has eloped with her boy friend and they have lodged a complaint with the Ahangama Police.

13 year old girl sexually abused by 5

A 13 year old girl has been severely sexually abused by 5 individuals at Galenbidunuwewa Maithrigama, Adiambalama and Kekirawa Manewa , reports Kekirawa Police.

The girl has been molested by her father at the age of 12 when she was under the custody of her parents at Galenbidunuwewa, Maithrigama.

Due to the above reason the child's parents have divorced.

After her mother engaged in her second marriage her step father has also sexually abused her when they were living in Adiambalama.

Then the mother has sent the child to her sister who is living in Manewa with her two sons. It has been reported that her two sons who are 24 and 20 years of age has sexually abused her.

The neighbours who suspected the situation has informed the police regarding the incident and the officers attached to Children and Women Bureau has arrested the two sons.

After they were produced before Kekirawa Magistrate L. Darshana de Silva they were ordered to be kept in remand custody until July 29th.

Kekirawa Police is conducting further investigations into the incident.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramith Rambukwella fined over plane incident

Sri Lanka A team cricketer Ramith Rambukwella will be fined 50% of his tour fees over the incident on a British Airways flight bound to London, sources from the SLC say.

He is also to receive a stern warning, reports add.

Ramith Rambukwella stirred controversy after causing panic among passengers when he tried to open the cabin door of a trans-Atlantic flight, at 35,000ft.

He was said to done so during the British Airways flight from St Lucia to Gatwick after playing against the West Indies.

Sri Lanka Cricket directed retired SSP Lakshman de Silva to conduct an inquiry into the incident.
Allegations have been made that the player was under the influence of alcohol at the time as well.

Warrant against Nilanthi's husband

It is reported that the Colombo chief magistrate Mr. Gihan Pilapitiya has issued warrants against Niroshan Fonseka, the husband  of the famous actress and dancer Nilanthi Dias for defrauding 2.6 Million Rupees by making false promises of importing a Hybrid car from Japan.

The warrant was issued because the suspect failed to appear before Court on the 11th to pay the 450,000 Rupee installment which he promised to pay to the victim.
It is also said that the suspect named Krishantha has been released on two15 Lakh bails.

Angelo Mathews Wedding photos

Sri Lanka cricket skipper Angelo Mathews 26 got married today. His bride's name is Heshani according to reports. Wedding held at a Roman Catholic church in Colombo on July 18, 2013.

Ceremony will be at Cinnamon grand and it is limited to very few guests.

OUR LANKA team wishes Angelo and Heshani a happy wedded life.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Udari Warnakulasooriya Underwater Photo Shoot

Udari Chamika Warnakulasuriya 24 year old young actress Married to Dr. Sujith Indeewara Wijeratne.

Udari who entered the cinema through the film ‘Paya Ena Hiru Se’ has become popular among fans for her role of Sansala in the ‘Bonda Meedum’ Tele drama. Recently She won the most popular teledrama actress award in Sumathi 2011.

She gave a birth to little girl couple of months ago and this is her first child. Her name is Shenarya Umeyli. according to her it mean queen of God.

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