Sunday, September 29, 2013

Schoolboys using drugs to increase sex drive

Evaluations made by the National Medicinal Drug Authority (NMDA) have revealed that the use of sexual enhancement drugs among schoolboys has rapidly increased during recent times.

Although there is only about 5% of the population are suffering from sexual incompetence, the amount of people who are taking sexual enhancement medicine is nearly 85%.

The most popular sexual enhancement medicine among schoolboys is a tablet known as "sildenafi", due to its cheaper price (Rs.100 per tablet).

It is said that nearly a Million of these tablets are imported to Sri Lanka every year.

According to the law, this drug cannot be sold without a prescription. However, some pharmacies in Colombo and suburbs are said to be selling this without checking on a prescription in order to earn larger profits.

According to reports, by selling these drugs these pharmacies are getting nearly 35% profits.
According to the evaluations, it has also been revealed that some of the schoolboys have been used to consume even 2 or 3 tablets instead of 1.

According to medical opinion, usage of this enhancement medicine without any sexual incompetence could result in actual sexual incompetence in the future.

Expressing his views on the matter, Dr. Shantha Hettiarachchi says that the main reason behind this is the addiction of young men to watch obscene videos in the internet.

He said that although these pornographic movies depict hours long sexual activities, those are only entertainment tricks.

He further warned that this medicine increases blood pressure, and it could cause adverse affects on the people with problems in the heart, lungs, and the respiratory system.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Namal challenged, President concerned

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is apparently concerned over the challenge that has come into light at the recently held PC polls elections against his son MP Namal Rajapaksa who, up until recent times, was considered the only youth leader of the government.

According to reports from the United States, where the President is currently attending 68th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the President's concern is rising from two main reasons.

One reason is said to be the crushing defeat suffered by Namal's close friend Johan Fernando, to whom Namal openly gave his support against Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekara.

The other is the sudden entrance of two youngsters from founding families of the SLFP in Matale and Kandy districts to the political arena with massive preferential votes.

Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekara's titanic heap of preferences has also surprised the President, reports say.

Although President's close aide MP Lakshman Wasantha Perera tried to hinder the election campaign of Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon - son of Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, Pramitha got the highest preference count from Matale.

Furthermore, President had not expected Anuradha Jayaratne, son of Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne, to top the preferential votes list.

Speaking to a senior minister said that the President, whose sole ambition is to attain his son to the presidential seat, become President, had even trapped Shasheendra Rajapaksa, a young politician with a growing fame at the time by making him the Uva CM in order to bring Namal into national politics.

'Mafia' in local beauty pageants - Monali Dissanayake

Model Monali Dissanayake has accused that organizers who selected her to represent Sri Lanka in this year's Miss Tourism World beauty pageant competition, have committed a fraud by not allowing her to take part in it.

She has also revealed that there is a 'mafia' within beauty pageants in Sri Lanka.

She has said that organizers of these events are sending contestants under the influence of bribes, even without holding a competition to select the beauty queens.

Noting that these racketeers are conducting this fraud by obtaining millions of Rupees and later faking 'competitions' by taking photographs of pageant crowning at some formal or public event, in order to send it to foreign contest organizers.

Later, these contestants are not even sent to the promised foreign competitions after coming up with false reasons.

Monali says that she was promised to be sent to the Miss Tourism World contest and even had photographs taken of a faked local pageant.

However, organizers had later decided not sent her to the contest and had even come up with a fake excuse for her absence. In this case, they had lied to the foreign pageant organizers saying that Monali would not be able to attend the competition as she has broken her leg.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duminda to save the sinking Touchwood

Monitoring MP of the Defense Ministry R. Duminda Silva has been appointed as a Non-Executive Independent Director in the Touchwood Investments PLC which has fallen into crisis.

This appointment has been made to be effective from the 23rd September. After this news, it is reported that the share prices of the Touchwood company have started to go up since today morning.

The battered stock price of TWOD shot up to Rs. 3.10 up by 72% or Rs. 1.30 from its previous close. More interestingly, a record 26 million shares which is a 25% stake of the company changed hands via 1,717 trades for Rs. 66 million.

Considering the all-time low price of 90 cents a few weeks ago, yesterday’s gain is a huge windfall for those who traded on the stock of late.

The Maloneys have been shedding their stakes in recent months; so has another shareholder, ASPIC Corporation, also connected party to Maloney.

Apart from this, Mr. Lanka Wijendra Kiwlegedara, a head of a mineral export company approved by the BOI has been appointed as the Touchwood's new Executive Director.

Sri Lanka Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which represents the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) had recently suspended the share transactions of the Touchwood Investments PLC.

PM's son's CM post confirmed ?

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, brother of the President, has summoned the Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne's son Anuradha Jayaratne who got the highest preferential votes in the recently held Central Provincial Council election, to his Ministry and has promised that he would be getting the Chief Minister post in the Central Provincial Council.

Minister Basil Rajapaksa has informed that there would not be any need for the Prime Minister to resign in order for his son to become the Chief Minister.

Calling the UPFA Secretary Minister Susil Premajayanth after that, Minister Rajapaksa has informed him to propose the name of Anuradha Jayaratne for the CM post in the Central Provincial Council at the oncoming UPFA party leaders meeting.

However, President Mahinda Rajapaksa had previously decided not to give the Chief Minister post to anyone despite preferences, if in case a close relative of the candidate is representing the Cabinet.

But, on the contrary to his own policy, he appointed Shashindra Rajapaksa, son of President's elder brother, as the CM in Uva Province when he got the highest preferences form the election, despite the fact that his father was a Cabinet Minister at that time.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sumudu Prasadini Photos

Miss World Sri Lanka 2012, Sumudu Prasadini is a professional model and an actress in Sri Lanka. Apart from being an actress, Prasadini is also interested in athletics, drama and fashion designing and most of the time she designs her own clothes.

Sumudu has said she had not any political background to achieve her victories.

She was very happy to got a chance to participate miss world 2012.

She was able to win 26th place of top models among 127 countries.She believes she has never followed a bad routing to obtain such a position although she could have many opportunities. She rejected many proposals from croesuses. She has still protected her character. She says she has lot of restrictions because she has come from a village.

Ayomi Shanika's Wedding Photos

Ayomi Shanika, who was a famous actress, has once again entered into a married life, reports say.

This time she has got married in secret. Even in the previous time, Ayomi married without any announcement, and then her husband was a person involved in both politics and media.

It is reported that her marriage, for which only a handful had been invited, has been held at Mt. Lavinia Hotel.

Ayomi first got married on the 2nd June 2009. It was only said to have been confined to mere registration, and later it is said that she had nullified it at the Kaduwela Courts.

However, currently, Ayomi is working as an Ayurvedic doctor at Borella Ayurvedic Hospital and Navinna Ayurvedic Hospital.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sexual bribe: Principal granted bail

The Kottawa Ananda Vidaylaya Principal, who was remanded on charges of having solicited a sexual bribe from a child’s mother, was today released on bail by a Colombo Court.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya also warned the suspect Mahanama Geeganage Dharmadasa to refrain from intimidating or interfering with the complainant or the prosecution witnesses.

The Magistrate said bail would be cancelled if he received any complaints of intimidation or interference.

He told the suspect that the offence he is alleged to have committed was of a serious nature but Court granted him bail after considering the plight of his family.

The suspect was arrested on a complaint that he had solicited a sexual bribe from a woman who had sought admission for her child to the grade one at Ananda College in Kottawa for next year.

Opanayake Anusha Arundathi had complained to the Bribery Commission that when she met the principal to seek admission for her child he had asked her to come to a guesthouse at Werahera for a sexual odyssey as a bribe if he was to admit her child to school.

Bribery Commission officials had raided the guest house and arrested the suspect.

The case was postponed for October 23.

12 Y old raped by her grandfather

A news about a 12 year old girl becoming infected with a Sexually Transmitted disease (STD) is reported from a plantation colony in Balangoda.

This has been revealed when the girl was hospitalized suspecting for a germ infection.

After being admitted to the Balangoda, Oluganthota Base Hospital, the girl had then been transferred to Ratnapura General Hospital, where the STD has been confirmed.

In an inquiry made by the girl, it has been revealed that she had been raped by her grandfather.
The suspect is said to have fled the area at the moment.

Kasuri out from Silumina

Senior journalist Mr. Karunadasa Sooriyarachchi has been removed from his Editorial position in the Govt's Silumina newspaper.

This decision has been taken upon orders of Lake House Chairman Mr. Bandula Padmakumara, and Senior journalist Mr. Ranjan Amararathne has been appointed as the Acting Editor of the Silumina newspaper.
Silumina which recorded a sale of nearly 200,000 copies in 2005, has now declined into a 30,000 level, reports say.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Johan Fernando's leaked Photos

North Western Province front runners Dayasiri Jayasekara and Johann Fernando both are trying to be the first in the preferential voter list and make a strong case for the top job in the province of more than 2 million people.

Johan Fernando, 22, an economics undergraduate, is seeking public office for the first time. Fernando has the backing of Namal Rajapaksa, who was his schoolmate, as well as of course his father Johnston Fernando, the government’s Minister of Trade. His well-funded campaign has found traction thanks largely to the popularity and political networks of his father.

These 2 photos of Johan's released recently and has taken in a Party. We got to know these 2 who are dancing with Johan is not girls.. They are actually Boys who dressed like girls.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

CIFL scam robs Pathirana's adviser post

Mr. P. V. Pathirana, a former general manager of the People's Bank, has been removed from the post he held as an adviser in the Finance ministry.

Mr. Pathirana also worked as an adviser in a project set up under World Bank aid.

The project had been deployed in order to provide financial aid for the small and medium scale industries which have fallen into trouble due to the current global economic crisis.

It is said that the main reason behind this decision is the order given by the Colombo Fort chief magistrate Mr. Thilina Gamage to issue notices to 3 Directors in the Central Investments & Finance PLC (CIFL) company including him to appear before the Court on the 16th September.

Even Mr. Gamini Karunathilake, who was the CEO of Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL) for a time, has been subjected to this accusation.

Mr. Karunathilake has been appointed as the CEO of CIFL on January this year, after the company was hit by the crisis.

It is said that it was the Central Bank which had recommended him for the job.

They have issued these cheques, with the intention of rebuilding the trust of the company by settling the deposit money of the customers, during the reformulating process of CIFL.

For that, he had signed for them under the capacity of CEO.

Apart from that, CIFL former Chairman and Director, Chartered Accountant Lakshman Rupasinghe, Directors Joseph Douglas and Ajith Prabath also have been accused of these "Cheque bounce case".
However, it is reported that all these people have been misled by the financial authorities.

The attorney who represented Mr. Rupasinghe and Mr. Karunathilake informed the Court that they were appointed recently, thus have no knowledge of the past transactions.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that it was the former CEO of Merchant Credit of Sri Lanka which is attached to BOC, Mr. Shirley Perera, who had held many key positions in CIFL including the release of its initial shares, up until the company was brought under the ASPIC company belonging to Deepthi Perera.

It is said that he is a person who had been warned by the Central Bank regarding the failure in reporting unpaid debts in Merchant Credit during his time of employment.

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CIFL bankrupted : 6000 in trouble

No withdrawals of CIFL deposits 

Police to investigate on CIFL money fraud

CIFL bankrupted : 6000 in trouble

Nearly 6000 investors who had deposited nearly 3.4 Billion Rupees in Central Investment and finance Ltd have fallen into utter helplessness due to the bankruptcy of the institution.

The CIFL company which had even halted their grant of interest to the depositors since last December, is a registered financial company in the Central Bank.

The CIFL depositors association says that one of the major reasons for the collapse of many financial institutions in Sri Lanka is the lack of proper supervision of the CB.

In an inquiry made regarding this, a spokesperson in the CB told BBC Sandeshaya that steps have being taken to bring perestroika to CIFL.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

SL approves Crown's $350m Casino deal and JKH's $ 650m project

  • Australia’s gaming tycoon’s venture to entail over $ 350 m investment
  • JKH’s mega $ 650 m project will get concessions under Strategic Development Act as well

Gaming Mogul James Packer’s play at casino investment in Sri Lanka seems to have come up trumps, with the Cabinet yesterday giving the nod for the controversial US$ 350 million deal along with the JKH venture of US$ 650 million.

Cabinet Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told media that the two projects, which have been given significant concessions by the Government, would now go ahead. However, he reiterated that the Government would not issue new gaming licenses.

“All this has been explained before. The Finance Ministry together with the Excise Department has issued these licenses and the gaming section of the integrated projects will be taxed,” he added.

Rank Holdings, which is the local partner of the US$ 350 million James Packer venture, has obtained a land under a new company titled Lake Leisure Holdings. The 2.5 acre land opposite Lake House down D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha will be given on a 50 year lease for Rs. 2.8 billion.

The Government approved tax concessions through a midnight gazette notification released on 18 July, which resulted in the ire of United National Party (UNP) MP and Economist Dr. Harsha de Silva.

Speaking to the media Dr. de Silva insisted that the US$ 350 million project was detrimental to the country as it did not bring in any income through taxes and should never have been given approval.

A copy of the Gazette notification showed that in addition to the 10 year income tax holiday, the casino will be charged only 6% tax for another 12 years. It also details exemptions from Customs Duty, Construction Industry Guarantee Fund Levy, Port and Airport Development Levy, V.A.T, PAYE tax for foreign employees (five years), Withholding Tax on foreign loan interest and Tax on Dividends for 11 years.

Comparing Sri Lanka’s concessions with the rest of the world, Dr. de Silva pointed out that Macau, which is the one of the largest gaming regions in the world charged 40% tax, while Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines also had high rates.

“Sri Lanka goes into the record books as the first country in the world that exempts casinos from tax,” he charged, adding that there were massive irregularities in the deal including the licensing of the casino.

The JKH venture was also approved by the Cabinet in a separate paper submitted by Investment Promotion Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene.

“It will create direct employment opportunities for 3,000-4,000 persons during the construction period and in addition 3,000 direct and indirect employment on commencement of business operations. Cabinet agreed to grant concessions under the Strategic Development Project Act, No. 14 of 2008 (as amended) for the project,” the paper noted.

SLC has become a Hot plate over a Comedy

Due to a comedy item presented by famous singer Sunil Perera at the Cricket award ceremony organized by a mobile service providing company, the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Institute has become a hotplate.

Apart from this, another comedy segment named "Puss Wedilla" had also been included in the award ceremony and it too has become a hot topic for discussion.

The situation has broken out as a "top hand" in the Govt had scolded the SLC Chief that these items had mocked the Govt and the SLC.

These comedy segments had applied satire upon the recent Rathupaswala incident, SLC selection committee chairman Sanath Jayasuriya, SLC chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa, and the secretary Nishantha Ranatunga.

Rumors are going on that the SLC Selection committee chairman MP Sanath Jayasuriya had scolded the famous singer duet Bathiya Perera and Santhush Weeraman, who were in charge on the organization of the recently held cricket awards ceremony sponsored by a mobile service providing company.

The relationship between these singers and the SLC runs way back in time and it was them who had even organized the Sri Lanka Premier League (SLPL) opening ceremony.

It was reported in the media at that time that they were paid 15 Million Rupees for that task.

Actress arrested for prostitution

Kandy Chief magistrate Mr. Wasantha Kumara today ordered, a tele actress who was brought before the Court for the accusation of engaging in prostitution, to be kept under remand custody till the 18th.

The actress had been arrested in Kandy area, while trying to engage in prostitution by charging 5,000-10,000 Rupee amounts, police informed the Court.

Kandy police anti corruption unit had caught this woman by using a secret agent.

The arrested woman is a 22 year old mother of one residing in Kegalle.

Initial investigations have discovered that the suspect woman had taken part in few tele dramas and TV commercials.

Man forced his Fiancee to sleep with his friend

A boyfriend who had forced his girlfriend to have sexual intercourse with one of his friends, has been arrested by Moratuwa Police.
Blackmailing her by showing a video of them having sexual intercourse, the suspect had threatened the girl to do the same with his friend too.
During interrogations, the suspect boyfriend has confessed that he had forced the girl to do it as she had started another love affair with another army soldier.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clash in Wadduwa Serene pavilions

A gang of thugs had crashed into the Serene Villa Pavilions hotel in Wadduwa and have engaged in a verbal dispute with the hotel administration. Acting Police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that the dispute has taken place between two partners of the hotel.

Acting Police media spokesman said that currently security has been tightened at the hotel by deploying police units.

A powerful hand in the Colombo stock market mafia has crashed into the hotel along with a platoon of about 50 thugs and has claimed his right to the hotel, while making death threats to its CEO Mr. Anura Lokuhetty. However, the foreign guests who had been at the hotel at that time have faced grave discomfort due to all these tensed moments.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SUN FEST 2013 Photos

Sri Lanka’s Biggest International Music Festival

Colombo came to alive with a mind blowing music festival as SUN FM proudly presented SUN FEST 2013 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Center (SLECC) with seven world renowned DJs and seven stunning female dance troupes.

SUN FM, Sri Lanka’s leading English radio station, is geared to take the Sri Lankan entertainment scene by storm to a whole new dimension featuring acclaimed international spin masters back to back for the first time with DJ Antoine, Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest, Erick E, Funkerman and the Sick Individuals plus seven world renowned alluring and exotic dance troupes from Accelerate UK will also join the lineup. Having worked for a plethora of artists such as Beyoncé, Jay Sean, Jennifer Lopez, Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs and having performed on shows such as The X-Factor, Dancing on Ice & Fashion TV just to name a few, the troupes’ choreography is sure to be a show stopper.  

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SUN FEST 2013 Photos
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