Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nehara to quit acting ?

Four time winner of the popular actress at the Raigam Teles awards - Nehara Peiris is to bid adieu to her acting career after her marriage to actor Menaka Rajapaksha, reliable sources say.

Nehara is to start a preschool after ending her acting career and is following a course on Montessori education these days.

However, she will continue to work as a programme presenter and announcer.

Menaka and Nehara were both married earlier but both marriages ended in separation.

Menaka’s ex-wife – Virangi is in Kelaniya and the and Menaka have a daughter who is attending pre-school.

Nehara was married to Nirmal Perera, who worked in the IT sector.

Speaking to a weekend newspaper recently, Nehara has told that she is confident that Menaka suits her.

She has also added that despite not having huge dreams for the future, her biggest dream yet, is to enjoy a beautiful married life with Menaka.

Politician proposes to Dilka

Dilka Samanmali, who won the hearts of many viewers hosting the famous political talkshow of Derana TV ‘360’ programme, has revealed about a marriage proposal she received from a politician.
However, the incident has occurred while she was single.

She has faced the situation following a question she asked in the programme.

When she questioned a certain politician ‘aren’t you planning to get married ‘in response he has stated ‘I do have an idea. What do U think?’

Even though, she faced a great embarrassment with the counter attack of the politician, she has stated that ‘I have an idea about getting married. What I asked was about your marriage’.

The particular politician is heard to be single.

Teachers involved in prostitution ?

The Ministry of Education has commenced a special investigation to probe the allegations on teachers of famous school located in Matale being engaged in prostitution.

Secretary of Education Ministry Gotabaya Jayaratne stated that due to the severity of the allegations a thorough investigation will be conducted and statements have already been recorded form the principal, the vice principals and teachers of the staff.

The investigation team attached to the Ministry of Education has collected evidence from the area and the investigation will be concluded soon, he said.

Mobile brothel raided

Walana Anti-Corruption unit has arrested 5 women for allegedly operating a mobile brothel in Hunupitiya Lake road at Slave Island.

 They have been operating the mobile brothel in several areas of the country by utilizing a van.
The van used for transporting the prostitutes has also been seized by the police.
The arrested suspects will be produced before court and Slave Island Police is conducting further investigations into the incident.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gold prices surge over Rs.4000 per pound

Gold prices in the local market have surged by Rs. 4,000 – 5,000 per pound after the Sri Lanka slapped a 10% tax on gold imports, the Gem and Jewellery Authority says.

However, quoted deputy Treasury Secretary S R Attygalle as to saying that the tax imposed from mid-night last night was expected to be temporary.

India had imposed an 8.0 percent tax earlier.

Last week, Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal said that Sri Lanka's gold imports surged to 100 million US dollars in the first four months of the year from about 150 million for the full year 2012.

Some industry watchers had believed that Sri Lankan gold traders were suspected of earning profits importing gold and smuggling it to India. Analysts say the profits will now be earned in Singapore or Dubai, the website added.

The tax will also keep domestic gold prices up and maker Sri Lankan made jewellery less competitive to tourists than earlier.

World gold prices have fallen to around 1,303 US dollars an ounce from 1,700 levels last year as the US dollar strengthened.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa a great king : Mervyn

Minister Mervyn Silva said he sees Gotabhaya Rajapaksaas a brave and great king who rescued this country and someone who strengthens the hands of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He expressed these views at a Pirith chanting ceremony held yesterday at Pillewa Bosamidu Temple to invoke blessings on the Defence Secretary for his birthday.

Kosgoda Nadun caught in Italy

Italian media reports that a Sri Lankan criminal who was wanted by the Police named Pradeep Deva Nadun Dharmawickrama aka Kosgoda Nadun, has been arrested by the Italian police forces at a small town near Milan.

Warrants to arrest the suspect was given regarding a triple murder including 2 policemen in Balapitiya.

Italian police had arrested him upon a complain lodged about a theft.

It was later revealed that he had an Interpol warrant.

It is said that the suspect had fled the country and had gone to Italy where he had set up a pawn broker business.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Brothel raided in Nugegoda

Four women, manager and another were arrested in a brothel which had been operating clandestinely at No.15/01,Pagoda Road, Nugegoda by the Mirihana Police.

Police said that brothel had been operating under the guise of an Ayurvedic medical centre for a considerable period of time.

The suspects were from Pelawatta, Kottegoda, Mudalakkuliya, Kaduwela, Haburugala and Yakkala areas, Police said

The suspects are to be produced before the Nugegoda Magistrate’s Court today (20).
The Mirihana Police is conducting further investigations.

"" caught for illegal liquor trade

Sri Lanka Excise special investigation division has been able to raid a mega racket of distributing liquor to various parts of the country through internet orders.

Excise department states that this is the first instance in Sri Lanka where such a racket was raided.
It is said that this Liquor racket has been conducted by an institution called "Kapruka" who had been distributing there products through a website, under cover of various goods deliveries.

It has been revealed that the employees of this business place had delivered the liquor to the doorsteps of the people who had ordered them from the internet web site.

They also have provided credit card payment service.

Colombo Excise investigation unit had uncovered this racket by using a secret agent and at the moment the owner of the "Kapruka" institute has been arrested by the Excise officers.

A liquor stock worth Millions of Rupees which was found in a warehouse belonging to "Kapruka" at Kirulapone, has been confescated by the Excise department.

It has also been revealed that this business had been conducted in other countries like US, UK and Australia as well.

This racket has been conducted nearly 8 years and the suspects are to be presented to the Colombo Magistrate court today (20).

The owner of this website has been identified as Mr. Dulin Herath, who is the son of former Buddhist affairs secretary Mr. K. Herath and his mother Nilangani Herath is an active Feng Shui practicer in Sri Lanka.

An excise officer said that this institution had not obtained a proper license to conduct liquor deliveries through internet. He further stated that it is illegal to store or transport liquor without a proper license.

However, the accused "Kapruka" is a website which received many awards for its online marketing services.

Court today (20) ordered to release the 2 employees of the "Kapruka" website after being fined.
The were charged for illegally distributing liquor all around the country.

Roshan Milroy Perera and Ravi Daraniyagala are the 2 employees who were arrested while delivering a liquor order received through the "Kapruka" website.

They were fined for the charges of illegally selling local and foreign liquor without a license, transporting them and possessing them.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sri Lankan Models Photos ( 30 ) : Nipuni Wilson

Discover the beauty of Sri lankan Girls... Yes. We have started new feature...

 Here you can see the hot and beautiful Srilankan Models girls and actress photos..

Sri Lankan girls are beautiful and really hot. After 30 years of war Sri Lankan is now enjoying their lives. Modelling industry is also started to boom with Tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for Tea, Cricket, Sunny beaches, Wildlife, Ancient history and many more. But you must know Sri Lanka also has many hot & sexy beautiful girls as well. Here I share variety of Sri Lankan girls who perform in modeling industry in Sri Lanka. Enjoy...

Nipuni Wilson a part time model and dancer and a young beauty.

All the credits goes to original photographers.

Amila tells the truth about her divorce

Amila Nadeeshani, a singer gained her fame though Sirasa Super Star, says that the rumors spreading about her divorce from her husband Samantha is a hoax.

She says that although she is busy, she is living happily with her husband, 7 year old son Bithum and the young daughter Lithum.

It is reported that Amila is now a business woman who has started a new beauty salon in Kalubowila named "Salon Kanka".

She already posses two Saree shops in Ambilipitiya and Wennappuwa named "Kanka"
"Kanka" is derived from her and her husband's surnames.

Amila's full name is Walpola kankanamge Amila Nadishani and her husband is Kankanam Gamage Samantha.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Massive Casino resort in Colombo

A massive Las Vegas style Casino resort with a minimum of 400 rooms would be set up along D.R. Wijewardane Mawatha in Colombo, with a US$ 350 million investment, it was revealed in Parliament yesterday.

It is an investment by Australian casino mogul James Packer. The project will enjoy tax concessions for more than ten years.

The government has enacted the Casino Business Regulation Act to provide for such businesses in the country.

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) parliamentary group leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake raised the issue in Parliament having circulated a letter sent by Finance Ministry Director General K.M.M. Siriwardene to the Chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI).

According to the letter, the project will be given recognition under the Strategic Development Project Act No 14 of 2008. It is a law introduced by the government to give facilities for large Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in the country.  Quoting from the letter, Mr. Dissanayake said the project would be located on a land belonging to the Government Supplies Department.

Iraj's Rs. 10 million bet

Young singer and musician Iraj Weeraratne has made a bet amounting to Rs.10 million If his new song ‘Manamali’ is proven to be a copy he vowed that he would remove the song from all radio stations after paying an amount of Rs. 10 million.

He stated that certain people are spreading rumors proclaiming that the song is found in a Tamil film, while some are stating that it is in a Japanese film.

He has noted that his songs are popular in Nepal, Malaysia and Bangladesh and they are most famous in Nepal where the population is 160 million.

Over 5 lakhs of viewers have watched the music video in YouTube, and shared it in Facebook, he stated.

Iraj Weeraratne Wedding Photos

Finance Ministry favor Packer over Dhammika

The tax concessions granted for international gambling tycoon James Packer by the Ministry of Finance are even better than the tax concessions offered for the Sri Lankan gaming mogul, the Secretary to Ministry of Transport Dhammika Perera, reports say.

A personal grudge between the Secretary of Finance Ministry Dr. P. B Jayasundara and Dhammika Perera is heard to have caused the situation. Dhammika had launched a huge media campaign to remove Jayasundara from his respective post and gain his position.

However, according to the word spreading among the field if James Packer arrives in Sri Lanka Dhammika Perera will fall into status of a ‘Lilliput’.

In the cold war between James Packer and Dhammika Perera the Ministry of Finance is presumed to be favoring Packer. This was revealed in a debate at the parliament yesterday (04).

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) parliamentary group leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake raised the issue in Parliament having circulated a letter sent by Finance Ministry Director General K.M.M. Siriwardene to the Chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI) which contains information on tax concessions proposed to be offered to James Packer’s Australian company, Crown Ltd.

According to JVP, the government has granted ‘unlimited tax concessions’ for a company from which tax of 40% of its profits must be obtained.

Pointing out that the Casino company has been relieved from the income tax for 13 years from the starting date, the MP says that the charged revenue from the company after the above time limit is the lessor amount of either 6% or 50% of the hotel industry levy.

Investment Promotion Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardane responding said this would be an investment of US$350 million aimed at generating 2,600 direct employment opportunities and numerous other indirect employment opportunities. The minister said there would be a star grade resort with a minimum of 400 rooms.

“It will have facilities for retail shopping, entertainment. There will be fine dining restaurants and meeting and convention facilities,” he said and added that the BoI had been entrusted and empowered to attract investments.

“The government’s target is 2.5 million tourist arrivals by 2016. We are targeting a foreign direct investment of US$ 2 billion. We have followed the legal procedure in giving tax concessions for projects meant to achieve these targets,” the minister said.

He stated that casino businesses have not been identified as strategic development projects in the country.

He also rejected the JVP allegation that the government has allowed the Australian gambling tycoon to establish a ‘small government’ in Sri Lanka by granting him special tax concessions.
However, Dissanayake stated the ‘government is on its knees’ in front of the gambling tycoon by granting him ‘unlimited tax concessions’.

Crown Ltd is one of the biggest entertainment and holiday resort businesses in Australia and they have established business locations in Melbourne, Perth, Macau and London.

Minister of investment promotion Lakshman Yapa Abeywardhana says that the Famous Australian Businessman James Packer has not been given any Tax reliefs to start a Casino project in Sri Lanka.
Minister made this remark yesterday answering a statement made by JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayaka upon standing order 23/2.

He said that the Casino industry has been identified as a strategic development project in Sri Lanka.
Minister further said that the BOI is giving tax reliefs in two ways.

  i. under IRC law
  ii . under strategic development projects Act

Thus the minister said that the above project was approved under the second category.
Minister also said that Govt did not grant any land to Mr.Packer for the project., but a Sri Lankan company.

And he said that No reccomendations have been made by the Govt to give any releifs .

No more hardworking for Nilanthi

Famous dancer and actress Nilanthi Dias has given up all hard work according to SLM.

When a famous organizer of musical fiestas called her to invite her for a musical show, she has rejected the invitation saying ‘I have given up hard work for a little while’.

However, the reason behind Nilanthi not being a busybody anymore is a little bundle of joy she is expecting in to her nest soon.

Nilanthi Dias who joined the local art industry following her famous dance for the song ‘Pitikotapan None’ by Sunil Perera’s band Gypsies, knotted the tie with Niroshan Krishantha Fonseka in 2011 at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Their marriage was registered at Temple Trees while President Mahinda Rajapaksa was one of the witnesses.

Due to her unearthly fear for vaccinations, many in the industry calls her with the pet name ‘Injection Nilanthi’.

Nilanthi’s fans can enjoy her dances in Bandu Samarasinghe’s comedy ‘ Piter one’ which is currently on screen .
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