Friday, February 28, 2014

Rapper Macklemore in Galle with girlfriend

American rapper Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, is vacationing in Galle with his girlfriend Tricia Davis.

Macklemore had been on a month long vacation in India before visiting Sri Lanka.

Jetwing Hotels, which has been accommodating him at one of its hotels in Galle, in a tweet also welcomed the singing sensation.

The Grammy winning artist shared a picture of a cricket match near Galle Fort on his Instagram profile with the caption "Been watching....still can't figure out cricket."

Shanudri's word prompting

Popular Director Dinesh Priyasad's youngest daughter - actress Shanudri Priyasad has inked words in her hand that probably should have been in her mind, reports say.

During the short film compilation of Derana and the Alcohol & Drug Information Centre (ADIC) on Feb. 25, several artistes including Shanudri has added colour to the event with song and dance.

Attending the event, Shanudri has treated the audience to a song and has kept glancing at her hand constantly.

The reason for this has been revealed after a photographer took some shots of Shanudri after noticing this constant glancing.

Seems she had written the lyrics of the song which she had sung in her hand.

Sanath splurges SLC money?

It has been revealed that Cricket has footed the bill of the informal meeting of Select Committee head - Deputy minister Sanath Jayasuriya and Paul Farbrace, before the latter was appointed as national cricket coach.

Farbrace has come to Dubai on Jan. 7 - 9 during Sri Lanka's tour of Pakistan as a result of Jayasuriya's plan.

Sanath had gone to Dubai to meet Farbrace who had come with his wife and the SLC had footed the expenses of all three, reports say.

The estimated expenses of the tour has been fixed by Jayasuriya who had also sought the permission of the SLC Executive Commission to do so.

The request has been readily approved by SLC Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa who had also praised Sanath's efforts.

The expenses are as follows.

Air tickets for Farbrace and his wife - Rs. 139,720.00

Daily travelling expenses - US $ 300 (Roughly Rs. 39,000.00 X 3)

Accommodation - Amount was agreed to be claimed

Business Class air ticket for Jayasuriya - Rs. 137 200.00

Daily travelling expenses - US $ 375 (Roughly Rs. 49,000.00 X 3)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sri Lankan Models Photos ( 40 ) : Shani Shenaya

Discover the beauty of Sri lankan Girls... Yes. We have started new feature...

 Here you can see the hot and beautiful Srilankan Models girls and actress photos..

Sri Lankan girls are beautiful and really hot. After 30 years of war Sri Lankan is now enjoying their lives. Modelling industry is also started to boom with Tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for Tea, Cricket, Sunny beaches, Wildlife, Ancient history and many more. But you must know Sri Lanka also has many hot & sexy beautiful girls as well. Here I share variety of Sri Lankan girls who perform in modeling industry in Sri Lanka. Enjoy...

These are some photos of model  Shani Shenaya
Photographer : Malinda Sampath

All the credits goes to original photographers.

More Photos of Sri Lankan Models

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Man forces wife to have sex with other men

A man has been arrested, produced before the Gampaha chief magistrate’s court and remanded on a charge of bringing men to his home and forcing his wife to have sex with them, while he looked on.
The suspect’s wife has complained to police that he was bringing men to their home after speaking to them over mobile phone numbers mentioned in a certain newspaper.

They have a son aged nine years and a five-year-old daughter, according to sources.

The suspect has admitted to the charge in a statement given to police

Monday, February 24, 2014

Deyata Kirula opens

President Mahinda Rajapaksa ceremoniously declared open the 8th Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition yesterday at Kuliyapitiya.

The massive development exhibition, held annually since 2006 will be held until 28 February at the Wayamba University Technical College and the Central College of Kuliyapitiya.

The Deyata Kirula exhibition is being held in rural areas with the aim of developing those areas. The exhibition brings massive infrastructure development, especially roads and public facilities to the area slated to hold the Deyata Kirula exhibition.

The exhibition showcases products and services from over 1,000 government, private and international organizations, displays the past development activities in the country as well as future development projects.

This year, the Deyata Kirula Exhibition premises spans over 162 acres and almost every ministry is showcased. A large number of private sector organizations are also taking part.

According to Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the government has spent Rs. 50 billion on establishing infrastructure facilities in Puttalam and Kurunegala districts in the North Western Province and Kegalle District in Sabaragamuwa Province in preparation for the national exhibition. About 3.3 million people in the three districts have received benefits from the infrastructure projects.

The police had deployed around 6,000 police officers to provide security to the visitors, the Police Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Ajith Rohana said. The police have requested the public not to bring big traveling bags into the exhibition.

Diwurannam - Apzi Ft. Clewz :: This could be ex - alien part 2

Everyone’s been talking about this particular song, Ex- Alien, which seems to have taken YouTube by storm.

From praises to haters, the fan base is some what amusing.

Apzi aka Apsara Senevirathna has released her latest music video and it is started to go viral with haters and fans.

Link :::

FB isn't a good thing - President

The President Mahinda Rajapaksa has stated that the Facebook is has negative influence on children and that the parents should pay more attention to it. He further claimed that he cautioned the parents about it three to four years ago.

The President made these comments at the event organized to open the newly constructed Mahindodaya Laboratory at the Hettipola Maha Vidyalaya on Saturday (Feb 22) concurrent to Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition.

Speaking at the event, the President said: “What we will be left with are these children. No matter what we do, I believe that if we let these children go astray, then there will be no benefit for our country.

There is something that I constantly say. I said this about three to four years ago when Facebook came, that it was not a good thing. Parents must be more cautious. Children should have a better understanding of this.”

Sports teacher molests 9 girls

The teacher in charge of sports and information technology at a school in Kahatagasdigiliya was arrested yesterday (22) on a complaint by parents that he had sexually abused nine girls of the school.
The man had allegedly molested the girls from time to time for several months.

After the parents complained to the principal of the school, the teacher had been given a transfer to another school.

The parents later complained to police, fearing a clash as the brothers of several of the victimized girls had planned to beat up the alleged molester.

The suspect is to be produced before the Anuradhapura magistrate’s court.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Will block Facebook - Minister Tissa

In order to safeguard the Sri Lankan children from the harmful effects arising from the misuse of internet and Facebook, immediate measures will be taken to block it,  Child Development and Women's Affairs Minister - Tissa Karaliyedda says.

Speaking to 'Irida Divaina' newspaper, the minister has said that the it has been requested from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) to ban websites with obscene content.

In return, the TRC has assured that it would do so, the minister added.

Probing into the Facebook related suicides of children recently and several similar incidents in the past, discussions to block Facebook are already underway, the minister further added.

Meanwhile, Director General of the TRC - Anusha Palpita says that measures to block Facebook can be considered if the government takes a policy decision on that regard and informs the TRC accordingly.

As Facebook has also affected the mental condition of youth as well as schoolchildren, the first measure should be adults educating the youngsters about on its' repercussions.

However, if that proves to be unsuccessful, blocking Facebook would be done as a last resort. However, modern technology makes it impossible to block or ban the website completely, he added.
If the Child Development and Women's Affairs ministry takes a policy decision on this regard and requests the TRC to stop Facebook from being accessed, possible measures to do so would be explored, Palpita added.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goverment trying to ban Facebook - UNP

United National Party (UNP) parliamentarian Harin Fernando today charged that the Government fearing an anti-government uprising by the people was planning to ban Facebook using as an excuse a few controversial incidents that happened among the youth recently.

“The Government is planning to ban the Facebook social media network saying it is detrimental to the country because it is disadvantageous to the Government. Even the Arab Spring began through the Facebook. We are totally against this move. It is only two or three countries in the world that have banned Facebook. If we do this, we will be cornered internationally as a country that has deprived itspeople of their right to information,” Mr. Fernando said.

He said if the Government was unable to tackle its battle in Geneva; it should waste no time in resigning from office.

“The UNP is asking this Government to go if it is unable to tackle this international issue. It is sad to see the three ‘Cs’ -- Crime, Corruption and the soaring Cost of Living plaguing this country,” Mr. Fernando said.

Shanudri's nick name "the Ball"

An actress, who is the daughter of a film producer and director, has been nicknamed ‘the ball.’
It is Shanudri Priyasad, the daughter of Dinesh Priyasad.

Her sister Dinakshi explains how Shanudri has come to be known as ‘the ball’.

“When she was studying for her O/Ls, she ate too much saying she was wearing herself out. So, she got large. Now, we do not give her much to eat. But, whenever the eldest and the youngest get together, they have a good feast. When we want to eat, we bother each other. Mother does not give much pocket money saying I spent most of it to eat. Whatever she gives is spent for eating.

33000 blocked in Sri Lanka

33000 was a very popular gossip site among Sri lankans living around the world. few months ago it is reported several sri lankan internet providers has banned the access It seems they have blocked it in Sri Lanka.

After that 33000 team came up with " ", " and " " but soon those sites were blocked by service providers in Sri Lanka.

Posting on there website 33000 team has said they are taking legal actions regarding the issue. 
Even same thing happened to Gossip9 few months ago.

Friday, February 21, 2014

SL passes law on graphical tobacco warnings

Sri Lanka's parliament yesterday (Feb. 19) passed a law on pictorial health warnings on tobacco packs.

The state information office said parliament unanimously passed the law requiring pictorial health warnings to cover 80 percent of cigarette packs.

The Gazette Notification containing provisions in respect of pictorial warnings has been prepared by Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena

Leader of the House Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva presented the Gazette Notification to Parliament on behalf of the Health Minister on Jan. 24.

The Gazette Notification containing provisions in respect of pictorial warnings has been prepared by the Health Minister.

According to the regulation, the pictorial health warning shall be printed on both sides of every Cigarette packet, package or carton containing cigarettes and shall cover at least 80 percent of the total area of a packet, package or a carton.

Misleading messages on the impact caused to the health as a result of the smoke should not be included.

It is also mentioned in the Gazette Notification that cigarette packets could not be produced, imported or sold without the pictorial warnings.

Further, the quantity of nicotine containing in the product should be clearly mentioned and it is prohibited to cover these warnings with other photographs.

According to the Gazette Notification the warnings should be changed every six months.
Similar laws are in effect in several other countries.

Viharamahadevi Park vested on public

The newly renovated Town Hall Square including the Viharamahadevi Park, and the rehabilitated road network in the Colombo city were vested on the public yesterday (Feb. 19).

The upgraded facilities to these public utilities were declared open in the presence of Secretary Defence and Urban Development Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Minister of Water Supply and Drainage Dinesh Gunawardena yesterday evening.

Upon placing flowers to the Lord Buddha statue at the entrance, the defence secretary together with the invitees went around the park and the Town Hall premises before opening the new Information Center.

The Chief Guest unveiled a special commemorative plaque erected at the park.

The development of Town Hall Square has helped the city of Colombo retain its historical 'Garden City' character while improving access to all public areas located within the square.

The more significant interventions include an overall upgrading of the Town Hall building and its extensive lawns and the three kilometer road network surrounding the historic city landmark and also the Viharamahadevi Park including the pedestrian sidewalks, street lighting, centre isles and roundabouts.

The park, the largest in the city has also had a major facelift with the new addition of cycle tracks, improved footpaths, lightning and attractively redesigned children's play area. The specially built kiddies water play is expected to be very popular with the children.

In keeping with the Secretary Defence's clean, green, people friendly open space concept the surrounding walls and gates have been removed to let free movement of people day or night.
Special security arrangements have been placed to ensure public safety 24/7.

The Town hall Square development project was completed with a cost of Rs. 614 million.
A large gathering of distinguished gathering including Senior Cabinet Minister A H M Fowzie, parliamentarians, Mayors of surrounding local bodies, state officials, Municipal Council members and civil society member were present at the occasion.

Ex-soldier abused 4 schoolgirls

Maharagama police today (20) arrested a school van driver, who had allegedly molested four girls in grade four.

The suspect, a former soldier, had sexually abused the girls from time to time in one week duration, police said.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Facebook 'love' ends in tragedy

A 19 year old female student is alleged to have committed suicide at Pitigala in Elpitiya over a love affair that began through Facebook, Police said. The girl had created a Facebook account using a fake picture and used to start an affair with a youth. The police said they had been in a ‘digital relationship’ for six months.

Thereafter, the youth had visited the girl’s house and came to know of her identity.

The girl is alleged to have committed suicide this afternoon by hanging herself after the mother had left for work.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wanatha Sunil talks about Abduction

Samaradheera Sunil, who was recently abducted, has questioned if Mr. Gotabaya is the director of the drama of his abduction.

He raised the particular question at a media conference held to brief the media regarding his abduction at the community hall at the 45th ‘Waththa’ in Wanathamulla area yesterday (17).

At the media conference Samaradheera Sunil described the incident and said that a verbal exchange occurred between him and Defence Minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa regarding the forceful sending of him from his comfortable two storey house into houses similar to chicken coops.

Samaradheera Sunil added that he did so as Gotabaya requested a meeting with him.

At the permission of the defence secretary, I said what I intended to say his face, Samaradheera Sunil further said.

Later on he was kidnapped by a jeep similar to a Pajero and was taken to a certain place after one and half hour's journey blindfolded and limbs tied with a chain, he said.

Noting that one of the kidnappers received a phone call while he was being questioned, Sunil said that soon after the call, he was released in the Biyagama area. 

He also revealed that, the kidnappers who questioned him of his birthday asked him to mark today as his birthday.

Convener of the Organization to protect homes at Wanathamulla -Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watgala was also present at the event. 

Speaking, he said the Urban Development Authority is arbitrarily attempting to eject residents from their homes and herd them into a housing complex that has been constructed without any standards.

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Venusha's Principal arrested

The National Child Protection Authority has initiated a special probe into the suicide of the student of Sir John Kothalawala Maha Vidyalaya, Kurunegala, reports say.

According to reports, measures are being taken to arrest Principal Saman Indrarathana over the incident.

The student, Venusha Imandi Bandara, who committed suicide over a Facebook related incident, stirred much controversy.

She committed suicide on Feb. 05th after leaving a letter stating that she made her decision consequent to the harm caused her by the abusive scolding she received from the school principal.
A talented dance artiste, Venusha had also participated in a dance visual of a Derana Star challenge contestant hailing from Kurunegala.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bhagya dating a cricketer

Actress Bhagya Hettiarachchi is dating the popular cricketer Kaushal Silva.

The matchmaking was done by another cricketer Akalanka Ganegama.

It is said that since she started dating Kaushal , she is also crazy about cricket.

The happy couple have been together for 3 years.

These days Bhagya is often seen in the music video of Veraliyadda's new song ' Duka Thadakaran'.
The music of the song was composed by Keshan Perera and the lyricist is Sajith V Chathuranga.

Wanatha protest end with festivities

The protest staged at Baseline road, Colombo   against the abduction of an individual named Samaradheera Sunil, a resident of 34 Watta, Wanathamulla, ended last evening (15) as the abducted individual returned to the location.

A group of residents from Wanathamulla commenced a protest in Mount Mary area of the Baseline road claiming that Samaradheera Sunil was abducted.
The road traffic was affected as the protesters blocked the road in several occasions.

United National Party parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake, Western province chief minister candidate of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Lal Kantha and JVP former provincial councilor Sunil Watagala also arrived at the location.

The public expressed their grief to them. MP Ravi Karunanayake got into an argument with Senior DIG Anura Senanayake.

A heated situation occurred as the parliamentarian Duminda Silva visited the location.

The Senior DIG Anura Senanayake promised the protesters that Sunil will be returned to them within 45 minutes.

The protesters who moved out of the road following the promise remained in the location until Sunil arrived.

However, Sunil has given a call to her wife around 5.00 pm saying that the group which abducted him left him at Biyagama.

After Sunil arrived at the location where the protest was staged around 6.00 pm the protesters stopped the protest and dispersed cheering.

It has been revealed that the middle aged Sunil has criticized Defence Secretary in a public rally regarding the forceful removal of the residents from their houses.

Dr. Gamani Corea leaves estate exceeding Rs 1.5 billion

The late Dr. Gamani Corea, economist and one time head of the UNCTAD, has left an estate exceeding Rs. 1.5 billion in his last will and testament.

He passed away on November 03, 2013, the day before his 88th birthday.

Dr. Corea’s assets include Rs. 1.2 billion in property valued in 2011, investments worth Rs. 11 million, Rs. 67 million in fixed deposits with Rs. 5 million in interest income, Rs. 6 million in his UN pension and a current account of Rs. 86 million.

The late Dr. Corea’s assets include land and buildings at Horton Place and Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7 and at Havelock Drive in Nuwara Eliya and in Geneva; investments in Seylan Bank, Ceylon Theatres Ltd., Colonial Motors PLC, Cargills Ceylon PLC, fixed deposits in several banks, US dollar savings deposits, rent income and income from plantations.

The property in Switzerland is not yet valued.

Suganthie Wijayasuriya-Kadirgamar was this week appointed the administrator pendente lite of the estate of Dr. Corea by additional Colombo district judge Y. Fernando.

The main beneficiary of the late Dr. Corea’s estate will be the Gamani Corea Foundation which is set up with its main objects being to promote and conduct research in economics and other related fields of learning.

It gives grants and scholarships for educational and training purposes such as fellowships and other academic positions at universities and gives grants, gifts or donations in the name of his mother, Freda Corea.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Duminda Silva faced Water bottle attack

The residents in the Wanathamulla housing scheme staged a protest at Baseline road today (15) against the abduction of an individual by a group of people that arrived in a white van.

The abducted individual has been identified as Samaraweera Sunil, a resident of Wanathamulla housing scheme and a father of five.

The residents of Wanathamulla who gathered to Dematagoda railway ground commenced the protest this afternoon demanding the authorities to find him and bring him back alive.

The protesters alleged that Samaraweera Sunil was abducted in connection to the dismantling of their residences and removing them.

The Police Special Task Force was deployed in the Baseline road and even though the protesters dispersed STF officer remained in the location.

Attorney-at-law Sunila Watagala who is appearing on behalf of the residents regarding the dismantling of Wanathamulla housing scheme was also seen at the location.

He stated that security officials, who visited the area on the day before yesterday have met Sunil.

The protesters vowed that they will not stop the protest until Sunil was handed back to them.
DIG Anura Senanayake also visited the location and there was a discussion on returning the abducted individual within 45 minutes.

The protesters blocked the road again around 4.00 pm and dispersed after a while.

Meanwhile, the media reported that the abducted individual was released short while ago.

MP Duminda Silva was there to talk to protesters but they refused him and shouted " ADO KUDDA ".  Duminda Silva faced Water bottle attack as well and then he ran away with body guards.

Venusha's Suicide Picture

The photo posted on facedbook that led the student Venusha Imandi Bandara from Kurunegala Sir John Kothalawala Maha Vidyalaya to commit suicide has been revealed.

The photo was uploaded to facebook by a boy she had been in a brief relationship with.
The boy had posted the photo on facebook after the couple ended their relationship.

It is said that the school Principal Saman Indrarathna had scolded her in abusive language for a long period of time because of this particular picture.

She committed suicide on the 5th after leaving a letter stating that she made her decision consequent to the harm caused her by the abusive scolding she received from the school principal.

While Venusha was a talented dancer, she had been a background dancer for a song sung by a contestant from Kurunegala on the Derana Star Challenge.

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