Friday, September 28, 2012

‘Cobra girl’ to seek ownership of pet snake

The girl who has been arrested along with a cobra at Cleopatra Club in Kollupitiya is firm that she retains the ownership of the snake, according to her lawyer.

President’s counsel Rienzie Arsecularatne told Colombo Fort magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne today (Sept. 27) that a fundamental rights petition would be filed in the Supreme Court to claim the cobra.
The girl, Nirosha Wimalaratne alias Dilani, cannot be prosecuted over the fauna and flora protection ordinance or preventoin of cruelty to animals ordinance, said the lawyer, pointing out that she had looked after the cobra well.

The lawyer requested that she be freed, but Kollupitiya police objected, saying charges would be filed against her.

The magistrate ordered police to file the charges before October 11.

According to a medical report submitted to the court, the girl remains in perfect mental health and had not used the cobra in a sexual way.
Once outside the courthouse, she said she could not go to sleep without the pet snake.

Suspicious deaths of two university activists

The two students who died when the motorcycle they were traveling in collided with an electric post   Today (27) in the morning at Imbulgoda, in Gampaha, were two front line activists on the Inter University Students Federation.

One of the dead students was Janaka Bandara Ekanayake, Committee member of the Student Council of the Kelaniya University, a final year student at the Faculty of Commerce and Management.

The other was from Ruhuna University, H.P. S. Priyankara De Silva, a frontline activist of the IUSF, and first year student at the management faculty.

They both died on the spot due to the accident when they were traveling engaged in their student’s activities.
The Inter University Students Federation believes that there is grave reason to suspect the manner of their deaths.
They say that there are eyewitness accounts that they been traveling at a fast speed, and a vehicle, which had come from behind, had knocked into the bike.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yureni Noshika Web Launch Photos

After winning the pageant "Models of the New Generation" hosted by Derana TV in 2006, Noshika was selected to represent Sri Lanka at the Tourism World contest.

After appearing in the TV commercials for Coca-Cola and Nestlé, she was asked to appear in the teledrama Kindurangana, a remake for the Sri Lanka television market of the Hindi television serial Kasam Se. This was a joint venture between Balaji Telefilms of India and the Maharaja Organisation of Sri Lanka. Based on the popularity of her role, she became the face of LUX calendar in that year.

Noshika was then invited to take part in Sirasa Dancing Stars and went on to the finals of the show. Thereafter she appeared in many TV serials such as Sandasakki, Ayal, Pingaladanauwwa. Noshika has been nominated as the most popular actress in both the Sumathi Awards and Raigam Awards.

Talented actress Yureni Noshika launched her official website  at the Jaik Hilton Hotel in Colombo.

Yureni Noshika Web Launch

Vimukthi Kumaratunga to enter politics?

The son of former president Chandrika Kumaratunga and the late actor politician Vijaya Kumaratunga is going to enter politics, according to political sources.

As the first step, Vimukthi Kumaratunga paid floral tribute to the Bandaranaike Samadhi at Horagolla today (Sept. 26) on the 53rd death anniversary of his grandfather, prime minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike.

His mother and aunt Sunetra Bandaranaike also paid tributes to the Bandaranaike statue.
A veterinary doctor practising in England, Vimukthi presently is on vacation in Sri Lanka.

The commemorative function was also attended by government and opposition politicians, including Ratnasiri Wickramanayake, Dinesh Gunawardena, Felix Perera, Tikiri Kobbekaduwa, Alavi Moulana, Lasantha Alagiyawanna, Pandu Bandaranayake, Prasanna Ranatunga, Mangala Samaraweera, Ravi Karunanayake and Harshana Rajakaruna.

The occasion also death anniversaries of Sirimavo Bandaranaike and Anura Bandaranaike being marked.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sri Lankan Air hostess further remanded

Colombo’s Additional Magistrate Mr. Nishantha Peiris today (25) ordered that the Sri Lankan Air hostess, arrested on a charge of being in possession of Heroin, be further place in remand custody until the 9th of October.

Although a bail application was submitted on behalf of the accused, the Magistrate held that the Court had no authority to grant bail for the relevant offense.

The person thus placed in remand custody is a rajgiriya resident, Rosanne Anne Bihar.

The Magistrate also directed that the accomplice purported to have assisted the accused, Rasika Lasantha, too be placed further in remand custody.

Earlier, the Wellawatte Police arrested the suspect while travelling in a motor vehicle being in possession of 540 milligrams of Heroin.

It was revealed in Court earlier, that police investigations had discovered that the suspect airhostess was a person who was heavily addicted to drugs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Malaka Silva to be Education Minister in SL ?

Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka has made a request to leave the country for higher education purposes, to fulfill his aspiration of one day becoming Sri Lanka’s Education Minister.

President’s Council Hemantha Warnakulasooriya appearing on behalf of Malaka Silva informed court that his client was expecting to enter an American University.

Accordingly, Colombo Fort Magistrate has permitted Malaka to be away from October 5 to November 7 but he was ordered to appear in court on November 26.

President refuses to accept Malini’s resignation

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has declined to accept the resignation letter submitted by UPFA national list MP, actress Malini Fonseka, said presidential spokesman Bandula Jayaseka.
Mrs. Fonseka tendered her resignation this afternoon (Sept. 24).

Secretary general of parliament Dhammika Dassanayake confirmed the receipt of the letter.
According to political sources, the president’s refusal to accept her resignation is due to Berty Premalal Dissanayake having said that he would not enter parliament.

The ex-chief minister and his closest ally, councillor Janaka Mahendra, boycotted the ceremony this morning where S.M. Ranjith took oaths as chief minister of the NCP.

Mrs. Fonseka had been asked by the Presidential Secretariat to step down, paving the way for Dissanayake to be appointed to parliament and given a cabinet position.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

300 divorces per day in Sri Lanka

There are approximately 300 divorces per day in Sri Lanka and the increase in rate is the lack of understanding of the other amongst the couples, a survey by the Western Provincial Social Services Dept. has revealed.

Most of the divorces occur within a year of marriage and there are 3890 mothers who are under 18 years of age according to Director Social Services, Western Provincial Council, Ms. Anusha Gokula Fernando.

In order to prevent such situations, various social care programmes have being adopted.

Gayesha Perera - Cheer for Lions photos

Gayesha Lakmali Perera is a leading popular ‘Multi Faceted artist  in Sri Lanka’, who has excelled in numerous fields in arts.

She rose to fame after winning the prestigious Miss Sri Lanka crown in the year 2006 and then having participated in the Miss International contest in the same year representing Sri Lanka. She entered the Tele drama field after her return to Sri Lanka as an actress since then by acting in her first Tele drama ‘Nim Wallala’ a production of Kristi Shelton Fernando/Bennet Ratnayake.

Gayesha represented Sri Lanka in the Miss ‘TOURISM’ Queen International contest in the year 2009 held in the Wuhan city in China. In this contest she was  crowned the winner of Miss ’TALENT’, bringing laurels ,mark of honour and pride to Sri Lanka, which was until then our country was lesser known to many people in the world. Gayesha made history as the most recent beauty queen to capture a mini title for her motherland.

These are some photos of Gayesha which taken for " Cheer For Lions "

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wimal Geeganage Exposed

Balumgala 2012-09-21 programme exposed the truth about Wimal Geeganage.

Malaka released

Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne, who were remanded on Monday for allegedly assaulting an army major, were released by the Colombo Fort Magistrate today on  bail with two sureties  of Rs 1 million each .

Army Major Chandana Pradeep Susena, who is a witness in an assault case, was questioned by Magistrate Kansihka Wijeratne before the two suspects in this case was released on bail. The Magistrate asked major why he recanted on his earlier statement that the two suspects had assaulted him.
The major responded saying he was under shock at the time he made his complaint to the police. The Magistrate asked him how an army intelligence unit officer with more than 15 years of service could suffer from shock. Then the major said it happened because he was bleeding and traumatised at the time.
The Magistrate said even though a settlement had been reached between the two parties, would not be considered as over because of the robbery charge that is still pending.

He directed the police to investigate the matters mentioned in the complaint made by the army major and also check the CCTV footage on the incident before they submitted their report to court on September 24.

The police were also directed to tell court the action that would be taken against the army major

Brothel run by a minister’s coordinating secretary raided

Police have raided a brothel fronting as a massage center and a gym close to Galle Road and arrested five young women and its manager.

It is alleged the place was run by a person described as a coordinating secretary to a controversial government minister.

According to the anti-vice squad at Walana in Panadura that conducted the raid this morning (Sept. 21), one of the arrested women is pregnant.

Police said the place had charged Rs. 1,000 as entrance fee.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute closed

The Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute at Yakkala has been closed down until further notice say reports.

An announcement issued with the signature of its Directress Prof. Janitha A. Liyanage states the Institution would be closed from 4.30 p.m. yesterday (20th) until further notice. It states the decision to close down the institution was taken as the student agitations that continued for several days demanding solutions for an issue regarding a lecturer of the institute did not stop.

The announcement also states all including students should leave the premises by 6.00 a.m. today (21st) and the days academic affairs and examinations commence would be informed later.
It is reported that there is a heavy police presence in the area.

Malaka didn’t assault me - Army Major

The lawyer of the Army Major, who was injured during a brawl at JAIC Hilton Colombo, filed an affidavit before the Colombo Fort Magistrate today stating that Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne did not assault him.

The affidavit also stated that five others, who are in the remand prison, have assaulted him and also agreed to settle the matter amicably. In his motion before Colombo Fort Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne, counsel Dinesh D. Dodamgoda appearing for the aggrieved party informed that his client Major Chandana Pradeep Susena had decided to arrive at an amicable settlement with the consent of both parties.

According to the affidavit attested by Commissioner of Oaths R.S.A. Kottelawala, the complainant said though Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne were present at the hotel, they were not involved in assaulting him and even did not aid or abet in the commission of the offence. He said some of the others who were at the hotel might have assaulted him.

The army major said the lawyers of the two parties would discuss the settlement.

The Major said that though he had alleged that his gold chain was robbed by someone at the hotel he had later found it at his residence.

Filing a motion, counsel Dodamgoda moved Court that the case be taken up tomorrow and notice be issued on the complainant party to appear in Court. Having considered the submissions, the Magistrate ordered the Court Registrar to issue notice on Major Chandana Pradeep Susena through the Commanding Officer of the Army Hospital requesting that he appears in court on September 24.

Nude pictures reason for Kapruka owner’s killing

The reason for Mr. Saman Rajapaksa, the owner of Kapruka clothes shop in Gampaha who was hacked to death with swords in the town center was because he had taken nude pictures of his elder sister, according to the confession by the chief suspect for the murder.

It has been revealed that the Kapruka owner had photographed the elder sister of the suspect with a secret camera affixed in the changing room of his shop.

Subsequently he had printed the photographs and attempted to intimidate the suspect’s eldest sister and husband and demanded a ransom.

The chief suspect has confessed to the police that he had killed Mr. Rajapaksa for this reason.
On the 13th of July, when the murder victim was in his shop, two persons had walked up to him and cut him up and had hidden the two swords behind the fisheries market.

Malaka Silva's Girl Friends

Minister Mervyn Silva’s son Malaka Silva is a example of a playboy son of a wealthy politician in the current Sri Lanka.

He studied up to Advanced level and given up half way and had gone to a Western country for a course in graphics designing had abandoned half way and returned without any qualification.

Without a permenant job or a business he is  involved in various activities. His main hobby is going to night clubs and changing vehicles.

He use eight private body guards and drives a vehicle valued at around Rs 400 lacks.

a week ago his name came up as Malaka Silva and Rehan Silva have assault of Army intelligence major Pradeep Susen and the snatching of his service firearm at JAIC Hilton Hotel.

These are Some photos of Malaka Silva's luxury and playfull life.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Challanged to Gaalthanna Dewalaya Video

Neth FM Balumgala Team revealed the ugly truth about Gaalthanna Dewalaya and proved it again with a video.

Malaka, Rehan in prison hospital

Malaka Silva, the son of minister Mervyn Silva, and Rehan Dhanushka Wijeratne Jayawickreme, two accused in the assault of a military officer, are suffering from serious illnesses, their lawyers said in courts today (Sept. 17). Colombo Fort magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne was told so when he took up the case pertaining to the assault of Army intelligence major Pradeep Susen and the snatching of his service firearm at JAIC Hilton Hotel.

The lawyers said Rehan had to be connected to a machine before he goes to sleep and that Malaka suffers from frequent bouts of illnesses.

The two, along with five other suspects – Hiramuthugodage Nalinda Janaka, Nagallage Don Nilu Aravinda, Vinod Hewage Suresh Pushpakumara, Aruwa Badathurage Sarath Upali and Ekanayake Pathirage Ramera Satyajith - have all been remanded until September 24.

President’s counsel Hemantha Warwnakulasuriya, lawyers Jayantha Weerasinghe and Anton Senanayake appear on behalf of Malaka and Rehan.

Leading the prosecution, CCD SSP D.L. Ranaweera said the military officer’s service pistol, mobile phone and the car keys had been lost during the incident at the lobby of the hotel.
The major’s buddy Corporal Salinda Sampath Dissanayake too, had been assaulted.

On the following day, the driver of Malaka Silva handed over the firearm and ammunition to Slave Island police, but the car keys were yet to be found.

Among the large gathering present in the court for the hearing were minister Mervyn Silva and his wife.

 Both Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne, who were ordered to be remanded by the Fort Magistrate yesterday, were admitted to the Prison Hospital from the Magazine prison, informed sources said.

They also said the other five suspects were transferred to the normal prison ward.

Malaka remanded until Sept 24

Malaka Silva, Rehan Wijeratne and five others were ordered to be remanded till September 24 by Colombo Fort Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne.

They were produced in Court over the alleged assault on an army officer. The Magistrate also directed that they be produced at an identification parade on the same day.

In their report to Court the police levelled strong allegations against the seven suspects and moved Court to have them remanded till October 1 because according to witnesses the suspects had been involved in the assault on Major Susena.

Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) SSP D.R.L. Ranaweera told Court that only the first accused Malaka and the second accused Rehan were being produced in open Court because they had been identified by the complainant. He said the five other suspects would be produced at an identification parade.

SSP Ranaweera said at about 3.00 a.m. on September 9, ten suspects including Malaka Silva had assaulted the Army Major after robbing his service revolver, mobile phone and car key.

“The incident had taken place at the hotel lobby. The complainant army officer is in the army hospital being treated for head injuries and the army corporal who was with the Major had also been assaulted by the suspects. According to a statement given by high ranking army officer, the revolver has been officially given to the Army Major. According to the first complaint, ten suspects had involved in the incident and we are yet to arrest three other suspects,” SSP Ranaweera said.

President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya with Jayantha Weerasekera appearing for Malaka Silva said the incident had taken place in the car park of the JAIC Hilton, not at the hotel lobby as stated by the police. They said the suspects can be released on bail because the offences could be even referred to the mediation board.

Having considered the submissions, the Magistrate ordered that the suspects be remanded till September 24 and police were ordered to obtain the video footage of the incident.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Son Malaka is not in hiding - Mervin Silva

Mr. Sarath Fonseka has challenged me to produce Malak Silva who is supposed to be hiding to the Police, but before issuing such challenges, Mr Fonseka should produce his own son in law, who is being hidden by him, said Minister Mr. Mervin Silva.

He was speaking at a press briefing today (14) where he reiterated that his son was not in hiding and the police if necessary could come anytime and take him into custody, he said. 
The Minister also said his son was not a murderer, drug peddler, bribe taker or another’s woman snatcher to go into hiding.

The incident of an alleged assault by Malaka Silva on an army Major, is not a big issue as made out by some media.

The Minister further said the incident was one where there was a clash between friends in civvies. If his son or any other person had assaulted any army personnel dressed in uniform, it would have prompted him to immediately take the side of the army.

The Minister said he was unable to disclose the real issue behind the incident since it would possibly bring the army into disrepute. The assault was not an assault on the army.

However, the army major who was subject to an assault by Malaka Silva at a night club car park in Colombo recently, is yet under medical treatment in the army hospital and has even been operated on, it is reported.

Kumar Sangakkara is cricketer of 2012

Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara won the Cricketer of the Year 2012 award and two other key awards at the annual ICC awards ceremony in Colombo today (Sept. 15).

The other two awards won by him are Test Cricketer of the Year after beating off competition from South Africa's Hashim Amla and Vernon Philander, and Australia's Michael Clarke. Sangakkara also won the People's Choice award, an honour he had received last year too.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena has won the David Shepherd trophy for the Umpire of the Year at the ICC Awards ceremony. The other nominees were five-time winner Simon Taufel, three-time winner Aleem Dar, along with New Zealand's Billy Bowden, England's Richard Kettleborough and Australia's Rodney Tucker.
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