Saturday, October 15, 2011

No major damages to Duminda’s brain : Hospital sources

With the health condition of parliamentarian Duminda Silva improving, it has been revealed that there are no major damages to the brain.

Sri Jayawardanepura Hospital sources quoting medical reports said it was found that one of the bullets had entered through the forehead and exited from back of the head and as such it was not found embedded in the skull as earlier believed.

They said the second bullet had been embedded at the back of the head where the brain meets the spinal cord and the doctors were not likely to remove it because it does not appear to be life threatening though he may suffer from severe headaches.

According to the medical team, which attended on Mr. Silva there are four levels of consciousness - responding to deep pain, responding to command, responding by irrational or rational speech. Mr. Silva is said to be at the stage where he responds to deep pain, the lowest level of consciousness.

Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital Director Shavendra Gamage told the Daily Mirror that he had seen soldiers with bullets and shrapnel lodged in their vital organs making a full recovery and this was not an exception.

Hospital sources said the heat generated by the entry of the bullet is what causes the damage to the surrounding tissues and organs. So if it has not done any harm initially then there is no reason that it would do so later. (Sumaiya Rizvi)

source : dailymirror

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  1. precisely, afteral no brain to be found in the first place no


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