Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ragama Loku Seeya kidnapped

It has been reported that out of the three well known characters in Ragama area  known as Loku  seeya, Podi seeya and Chuti seeya , Loku seeya has been kidnapped by some persons who come in a white colour van.

The victim’s daughter, Himaya Niyaz, said, My father was traveling in his vehicle from his kovil at Ragama to Kerawalapitiya in Hendala when the suspects, numbering around six or seven came in a vehicle, blocked his path and took him away at gunpoint.

Himaya said a bowser driver had seen the abduction and he, too, had been threatened by the gang when he tried to confront them.

The victims is popularly known as Loku Seeya and his son as Podi Seeya.

Himaya said she did not why her father had been abducted.

The said three sums are keeping up a famous devalaya and thousands of devotees visit the said devalaya.

A private radio channel continuously mentioned that they had been involved in frauds pretending to have a devalaya there. Some suspect That he has been involved in the drug business and this has something to do with it.

According to sources minister Mervin Silva is working hard an extra attention to find Loku seeya.

Recent Balumgala Programe  about Ragama Devalaya

UPDATED :: Body of Loku Seeya Found ???


  1. Me wage uthum manussayek kidnap karala boru pracharaya karana ayawa deyyoma bala ganna one.

  2. Seeya we all know who you are. Whoever said what ever people do or did they will realize later. We always with u where ever u are.......

  3. mun okkoma kuddo hoda wade,deiyo balana nisa thama mun ahuwune eka mulu ratama dannawa

  4. Eya gana hariyata nodana kata karana ayata labei matak wennama. Irisiya karayo

  5. Seeya oya ikmanatama enna. Api dinen dina oya enakan balan innawa. Me aparadaya Eli karanna oyata ennama wenawamai.....


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