Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dilith Jayaweera sends letter of demand to TNL

Managing director of Triad Pvt. Ltd. Dilith Jayaweera has sent a letter of demand to TNL and Isira, demanding a Rs. 500 million compensation.

In the LoD sent yesterday (Oct. 28), the sender claims the two television and radio channels had carried false and incorrect news regarding him.

Also on the same day, TNL chairman Shan Wickremesinghe sent a letter to foreign diplomatic missions in Colombo and the IGP, saying he has received death threats after exposing links among the stock market, illegal drugs and several murders.
The Colombo Crime Division obtained a statement following the complaint.

In a talk show, TNL had quoted newspaper reports as having said the stock market had collapsed while there were no illegal drugs in the market.

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