Saturday, October 22, 2011

The full speech of Hirunika Premachandra

Hirunika Premachandra, the daughter of slain presidential advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachndra  pledged she would lead the struggle against the injustice that had been done to her father and would continue the services he had rendered during his political career.

Speaking at Mr. Premachndra’s funeral at Umagiriya Park she requested the people of Kolonnawa to join her in her struggle of seeking justice to her father. “Join me in this struggle for the sake of your loving Lucky Aiya,” she told the crowds, filled with emotion.

She questioned as to whether her father who was a fearless and honest person should face such a cruel end.
Ms. Premachandra also paid tribute to the others who were killed in the Election Day incident.

She thanked the large crowds who flocked in to pay their last respects to her father. “I salute you loving people of Kolonnawa for coming in numbers to show gratitude to my father,” she finally said.

This is the full version of the speech of Mr. Bharatha Lakshaman Premachandra's daughter and the son on the funeral day.

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