Monday, October 10, 2011

Rivalry was due to Kolonnawa drug menace

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra’s outspokenness against the drug menace in the Kolonnawa area had been the cause of his longstanding rivalry with MP Duminda Silva, reports say.

The slain presidential advisor had made a big attempt to save the area’s youths from drugs.

At the local government election platform, Bharatha Lakshman had urged the people to join him and drive out the drug traffickers from Kolonnawa.

Strongly criticizing those who harbour drug traffickers, he had said that he would inform the president about the matter.

On the night of October 07, a supporter of MP Silva, claimed to be an underworld figure, was killed at Kotikawatte.

At the instigation of the parliamentarian, police arrested four supporters of Bharatha Lakshman and seized a firearm, which had aggravated their rivalry, media reports.

On the day of the election, MP Silva and his supporters had toured Wellampitiya, Kotikawatte and Mulleriyawa areas in 10 luxury jeeps and terrorized the people.

According to area residents, police failed to act against the armed and intoxicated gang.

source : srilankamirror

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