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Titus thotawaththe Dubbed Cartoons

Late Mr. Titus Thotawaththa was a was a Sri Lankan director and editor. He passed away at a private hospital last saturday ( oct 15 ). He was 82 at that time.

Born in 1929 Thotawatte was a unique character who introduced innovation to the cinema and later the television.

He joins the Government Film Unit in early 1950s as a film editor. Later Thotawatte joins Lester James Peries and Willie Blake in 1956 as an assistant director and film editor in making the Rekava film.

In 1965 he directed the film Chandiya in 1969 Kawuda Hari  in 1970 Thewatha and several others.
The evergreen children's film Handaya was directed by him in 1979.

Among his film creations were Haralakshe, Sihasuna, Sagarika, Maruwa Samaga Wase and Mangala. He was also the film editor in several films under film directors of Gamperaliya, Ranmuthuduwa. The last film he edited was Gamini Fonseka's Nomiyena Minisun.

He received the Best Director's Award for Handaya in 1980. He received his lifetime award the Sarasaviya Rana Thisara Award in 1995.

He created many programmes for children by dubbing English cartoon films into Sinhalese. It was Titus Thotawatta who is considered the pioneer in the field of dubbing cartoon films into Sinhalese. The cartoon movies dubbed by him for the past several decades have become extremely popular amongst children.

Amongst his most popular works are Dostara Honda Hitha and Pissu Poosa, Gulliver, Ha Ha Hari Haawa.

He also dubbed internationally popular films, Robinhood, Oshin and Malgudi Deshaya.

We decided to post some of his dubbed cartoon and TV series we found.

Dosthara Hoda Hitha

Haa Haa Hari Haawa


Pissu Puusa

Please go to Youtube related videos to find more.... And Please share if you find more dubber productions of him.

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  1. I'm so pleased to see this and I need to find a dubbed program on Accounting. It was shown on Rupawahini in 90's. Simple cartoon characters were included.


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